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Details: Islamic Manners - Husn e Akhlaq, New, *[A5] Paperback - 80 pages, by Imam Abu Qasim Sulayman al-Tabarani [d.360h], Translated by Majalis e Tarajim, Published by Maktaba t'ul Madinah.

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Description : This book 'Islamic Manners' is the first English translation of Makarim al-Akhlaq' the masterpiece authored by the muhaddith Imam Abu Qasim Sulayman ibn Ahmad al-Tabarani, may Allah show him mercy. In this book Imam Tabarani has accumalated a number of ahadith, highlighting different aspects of manners. The Holy Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said : ''Good manners mean that you should treat gracefully the one who breaks off relations with you, that you show generosity to the one who deprives you, & that you forgive the one who oppresses you.'' Sayyiduna ‘Abdullah Bin Mubarak, may Allah be pleased with him, has said, ''Meeting people with a smiling face, treating them kindly and avoiding causing harm to anyone are the traits of a well-mannered person.''

Table of Contents :

---Du'a for Reading this Book,

---Transliteration Chart,

---Translator's Notes,

---14 Intentions for Reading this Book,

------Two Madani pearls,


---About Al-Madina-tul-‘Ilmiyyah,


Imam at-Tabarani : Author’s Introduction,

---Name and kunyah,


---Student life,

---Honourable teachers,

---Brilliant students,

---Publication and compilation,



Islamic Manners : Husn e Akhlaq,

---Blessings of reciting the Holy Quran, remembrance of Allah,

---Qufl-e-Madinah of tongue, love for the poor and keeping their company,

---Excellence of good manners,

---The excellence of politeness, meekness and courtesy,

---Excellence of meeting people amiably, -

--The Excellence of smiling at a Muslim brother,

---The Excellence of being lenient and tolerant,

---The Excellence of patience and generosity,

---The Excellence of controlling oneself in anger,

---The Excellence of compassion and kind-heartedness,

---The Excellence of controlling one’s anger,

---The Excellence of forgiving others,

---The Excellence of being a well-wisher to the Muslims,

---Excellence of purity of heart and refraining from malice against Muslims,

---The Excellence of mediation,

---Excellence of fulfilling rights,

---The Excellence of helping the oppressed,

---Preventing an oppressor from oppression,

---Prevent your naïve,

---The Excellence of helping Muslims to cater for their needs,

---The Excellence of removing someone’s worry,

---The Excellence of supporting the weak,

---The Excellence of providing for the orphans,

---The Excellence of upbringing & spending on orphan children till they are grownup,

---The Excellence of good manners,

---Excellence of doing good deeds,

---Condemnation of oppressing a Muslim,

---Excellence of making permissible recommendation for a Muslim brother,

---The Excellence of helping a Muslim and protecting his honour,

---The Excellence of showing affection for people,

---The Excellence of helping Mujahidin,

---The Excellence of helping a Hajj pilgrim and serve him at Iftar,

---The Excellence of showing affection for children, respecting elders,and scholars,

---The Excellence of making space for scholars in a gathering,

---The Excellence of offering a pillow to a Muslim brother,

---The Excellence of giving food,

---The Excellence of clothing a Muslim brother,

---The Rights of neighbour.


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