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Authentic Way of the Prayer


Authentic Way of the Prayer is a book wriTten by Ghulam Zarquani. It will allow you to understand the many matters about Prayer [Salat].

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Details:   Authentic Way of Prayer,
Paperback – 232 pages,
by Dr Mawlana Ghulam Zarquani.

Description :

Indeed, the Holy Quran and Sunnah [Traditions of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)] are the primary sources of guidance for us in every walk of life, but finding out the correct guidance from them is not an easy. It neccessarily requires to have thorough knowledge of the Quran, Hadith, traditions of the Companions of the Prophet (May Allah be pleased with them), and an in-depth understanding of the context and circumstances surrounding the situations is needed to be fittingly explore these sources. And, beyond a mere doubt, acquiring these various knowledges is usually not possible by a single person. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to sincerly find the better solution.

The Great Scholars, the Imams, conducted years upon years of research to understand the intricacies of these sources. Indeed, this was the result of there sincere love for the Muslim Ummah [nation| to have given their whole lives for this service. we turn to them and follow them because they have derived rulings from authentic sources based on a systematic manner. This collection of
informations is known as Fiqh [Islamic Law].

For a normal Muslim, it is enough to follow their rulings as it would not be practical for every person to dive into the deep sea of knowledge for each and every single matter.

I have, therefore, decided to write a book which will be in four volumes dealing with Prayers, Fasting, Zakat, Hajj & Umrah, Marriage and Divorce, etc. and this is the first volume of them. It will allow you to understand the many matters about Prayer [Salat].

Before moving forward, it will be very valuable to shed light on the Hanafi Fiqh [Hanafi School of Islamic Jurisprudence] and its origin, importance, and authenticity as this book is a study of the ruling based on the Hanafi School.

I am very grateful to Mr. Omair Jabbar and my daughter Ms. Nadia Zulfa for going through the manuscript and giving useful suggestions. May Allah, the Exalted, accept our efforts and guide us in understanding Islam in an authentic way.

Ghulam Zarquani
Raza Educational Circle, USA


Main Chapters:

Introduction: Imam Azam Abu Hanifa
– Great Tidings
– Birth of the Imam
– Interest in Education
– Teacher of Islamic Law
– Devotion and Prayer
– Companion of the companion
– Hanafi Islamic Law
– Foundation of Islamic Law
– Compilation of Hanafi Law

[Chapter 1] Prerequisites of the Prayer

[1] Cleanliness
– [A] Wudu
– – Mandatory Actions
– – Prophetic Manners
– – Preferred Manners
– – Undesirable actions
– – Actions that Break Wudu

– [B] Wiping Over Socks
– – Conditions
– – Duration of Lasting
– – Actions that Break Masah

– [C] Taking a Bath
– – Aspects that Make It Mandatory
– – Ordinance of Bath
– – Taking Bath as a Sunnah
– – Mandatory Elements
– – Islamic Way of Taking a Bath

– [D] Tayammum
– – Aspects of Tayammum
– – Sources of Tayammum
– – Mandatory Elements
– – Way of Tayammum
– – Actions that Break Tayammum

– [E] Impurity
– – Types of Impurity
– – Major Impurities
– – Minor Impurities
– – Not an Impurity
– – Rules Regarding Impurities
– – Way of Cleaning Impurity

[2] Covering the Concealable Part
– [A] Concealable Parts for Men
– [B] Concealable Parts for Women

[3] Timings of the Prayers
– [A] Prescribed Timings
– – Fajr Prayer
– – Zuhr Prayer
– – Asr Prayer
– – Maghrib Prayer
– – Isha Prayer

– [B] Appreciated Timings
– – Fajr Prayer
– – Zuhr Prayer
– – Asr Prayer
– – Maghrib Prayer
– – Isha Prayer

– [C] Disliked Timings

[4] Facing Towards Qibla
– [A] Towards Qibla

[5] Affirming Intention
– [A] What is Intention
– [B] Making Intention
– [C] Time if Intention
– [D] Way of Intention

[6] Pronouncing the Takbeer-e-Tehrima

[Chapter 2] Inside the Prayer

Mandatory Elements

[1] Tehreema
– [A] Tying the hands for Men
– [B] Tying the hands for Women
– [C] Raising the Hands for Takbeer

[2] Standing Up

[3] Recitation
– [A] Reciting behind an Imam

[4] Bowing Down
– [A] Bowing for Men
– [B] Bowing for Women
– [C] In the Bowing Down

[5] Prostration
– [A] Prostration for Men
– [B] Prostration for Women
– [C] In the Prostration

[6] Last Sitting
– [A] Sitting for Men
– [B] Sitting for Women
– [C] Recitation of Tashahhud

[7] Getting Out of The Prayer
– Semi Mandatory Actions
– – Important Semi Mandatory Actions
– Prophetic Manners
– Appreciated Manners

[Chapter 3] Types of the Prayer and Practical Way

[1] Fajr Prayer
[2] Zuhr Prayer
[3] Asr Prayer
[4] Maghrib Prayer
[5] Isha Prayer
– Witr Prayer
[6] Practical Way
– Making Prayer Alone
– – [A] Mandatory Prayer
– – [B] Witr Prayer
– – [C] Stressed Sunnah
– – [D] Unstressed or Optional

– Making Prayer With an Imam
– – [A] Mandatory Prayer
– – [B] Witr Prayer
[7] Supplication After Prayer
– [A] What is base for it.
– [B] Manners of Supplication
– [C] Practices after Prayer

[Chapter 4] Shortcomings of the Prayer

[1] Invalidators
[2] Major Undesirable
[3] Minor Undesirable
[4] Remedial Prostration
– [A] Way to Make it
– [B] Reasons for it
– [C] More than one Mistake

[Chapter 5] Congregational Prayer

[1] Importance of Jamat
[2] Adhan
– [A] Historical Fact
– [B] Virtues of Making Adhan
– [C] Listening and Responding
– [D] Kissing of Thumbs
– [E] Supplication after Adhan
[3] Iqama and Row
– [A] Iqama
– [B] Way of Iqama
– [C] Row
– [D] Getting up for the Row
[4] Imam
[5] Making Left Over Rakaats
[6] Juma
– [A] Significance of Juma
– [B] Taking a Shower for it
– [C] Coming early and listening to the Khutba
– [D] Juma Prayer
[7] Eids
– [A] Prayer Timings
– [B] Eid Prayer

[Chapter 6] Prayers In Unusual Circumstances

[1] For a Traveleler
– [A] A Legal Traveler
– [B] Limit of the Concession
[2] For an Ill
[3] Placing an Object
– [A] Discription of Object
– [B] Object for an Imam

[Chapter 7] Some Important Prayers

[1] Late Night Prayer
[2] Greetings for Wudu
[3] Greetings for Masjid
[4] Sunrise Prayer
[5] Fore Noon Prayer
[6] Repentance Prayer
[7] Prayer of Glorify
[8] Prayer for Need
[9] Prayer for Guidance


Published by Darul Kitab, India

[Sub-Continent Print Quality].


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