Blessings of Zakah (English Paperback)


In the abovementioned blessed Hadees, Zakah is that act of worship which has been mentioned after Salah. Zakah is the third pillar of Islam and a monetary act of worship.

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Details: Blessings of Zakah – New for Ramadan 2020
An English translation of ‘Faizan-e-Zakat’
[A5] Paperback – 170 Pages
Edition: First
Presented by: Majlis Al-Madina-tul-‘Ilmiyyah’



Dear Islamic brothers and sisters! The Rasool of Rahmah, the Intercessor of Ummah َص َّلى ُالله َعلَ ْي ِه َواٰلِ ٖه َو َسل َّم has stated, ‘The foundation of Islam is on five acts: To testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah َع َّز َو َج َّل and Muhammad (َص َّلى ُالله َعلَ ْي ِه َواٰلِ ٖه َو َسل َّم ) is His Rasool; to offer Salah; to pay Zakah; to perform Hajj; and to observe the Siyam [fasts] of Ramadan.’ (Sahih Bukhari, vol. 1, pp. 14, Hadees 8)

In the abovementioned blessed Hadees, Zakah is that act of worship which has been mentioned after Salah. Zakah is the third pillar of Islam and a monetary act of worship. Praise for Zakah- giving people and condemnation for those who do not give it have been mentioned in many blessed Ayahs of the Holy Quran. It is extremely necessary to learn the Shar’i laws of Zakah to gain the excellence and benefits of paying Zakah and also to remain safe from the detriments of not paying it.

Regretfully, the majority of Muslims are unaware of these laws because of the lack of Islamic knowledge. This is the very reason that Zakah sometimes becomes Fard [obligatory] on a person but he remains unaware of it. Remember that it is certainly Fard to learn the laws of Zakah in case a person becomes the owner of Nisab.

Table of Contents

– 11 Intentions for Reading this Book.
– Du’a for Reading this Book.
– Al-Madina-tul-‘Ilmiyyah’.
– Learn the laws of Zakah.
– Translators Notes.

Blessings of Zakah

– Excellence of Durood.
– A basic pillar of Islam.
– Zakah is Fard.
– 3 Narations regarding Zakah being Fard.
– When did Zakah become Fard?
– What is the ruling on denying Zakah to be a Fard act?

16 Virtues and benefits of paying Zakah.
  1. Means of completion of Iman.
  2. Mercy of Allah decends.
  3. Attaining Taqwa [piety] asceticism.
  4. Way of success.
  5. He who deserves the help of Allah.
  6. He who belongs to the category of good people.
  7. Sawab of infusing happiness into the hearts of Islamic brothers.
  8. An excellent expression of Islamic brotherhood.
  9. Manifestation of saying of Rasoolullah ﷺ.
  10. Wealth becomes pure.
  11. Getting rid of negative attributes.
  12. Blessings in wealth.
  13. Protection from evil.
  14. Source of protection of wealth.
  15. Allah will fulfil the needs.
  16. The poor make Du’a.

– 8 Points stating the harms of not giving Zakah.
– Details of punishments.
– The definition of Zakah.
– Why ‘Zakah’ is called Zakah.
– Types of Zakah.
– On whom is Zakah Fard.

Details of conditions

– The owner of Nisab.
– The ruling of giving Zakah before becoming the owner of Nisab.
– Zakah oh Haraam wealth.
– The method of getting rid of Haraam wealth.
– The meaning of Mal-e-Naami.
– What is Haajat-e-Asliyya.
– When will a year complete [for Zakah]?
– Will lunar months be taken into account or calender months?
– Decrease in Nisab during the year.
– Increase in Nisab during the year.
– The loss of Nisab during the year.
– Zakah in the state of Kufr.
– Zakah on a Na-Baaligh and insane person.
– Begining of the ‘year of Zakah’ for an insane person.

– The wealth for which Zakah becomes Fard.
– The Nisab for gold and silver.
– What amount of Zakah will be given?
– The ruling on wealth which is more than the Nisab.
– Zakah for the wealth which is more than the Nisab and the one-fifth part.
– Different types of wealth of course the same category and the calculation of Zakah.
– – First possibility.
– – Second possibility.
– – Third possibility.
– The Nisab of gold is complete and that of silver is incomplete.
– The price of gold and silver as Zakah.
– The definition of price.
– Which price will be considered?
– Which area will be considered for the price?
– Which day will be considered for the price?
– Method of calculating the Zakah of gold and silver.
– The ruling on impurity.

Zakah of jewellery

– Bangles of fire.
– The Zakah of gold and silver jewellery and crockery.
– The use of gold and silver crockery.
– Zakah of dowery.
– The Zakah of wife’s jewellery.
– If the husband explains but the wife does not still give Zakah!
– The Zakah of mortgaged jewellery.
– What if the husband has mortgaged the wife’s jewellery?
– Method of paying Zakah of jewellery for the previous years.
– Is Zakah wajib on a person who uses gold impermissibley.
– Zakah for diamonds and pearls.
– Zakah for gold and silver embroidery.
– The Zakah of the money saved for Hajj

Trade goods and their Zakah

– Which goods are known as trade goods?
– Trade goods left as estate.
– The Nisab of trade goods.
– The Zakah of trade goods.
– The Zakah of the profit earned from trade goods.
– The calculation of the Zakah of trade goods.
– The price at the time of purchase or completion of the year.
– The method of paying Zakah for a wholesaler.
– The goods purchased on credit.
– Will the wholesale price be considered or the retail price?
– The method of calculation.
– Will Zakah have to be given every year?
– Change of intention after purchase.
– The Zakah of a shop.
– The Zakah of a deposit.
– The Zakah of the ‘soap of a launderer’ and ‘dye of a dyer’.
– The Zakah of the bottles of a perfume seller [‘Itr seller’].
– Zakah upon a Roti seller.
– The Zakah of books.
– The Zakah of rental property.
– The Zakah of rental cars and buses.
– The Zakah of household items.
– The Zakah of decorative items.
– The Zakah of money paid as Bay’anah.
– The Zakah of a purchased item before taking possession of it.

The Zakah of currency notes

– The Nisab of currency notes.
– The calculation of the ‘Zakah of currency notes’.
– A table for the ‘Zakah of currency notes’.
– The Zakah of the money saved for a daughter’s marriage.
– The Zakah of money placed in trust.
– The Zakah of insurance premiums.
– The Zakah of the amount of money paid for Hajj.
– The Zakah for provident funds.
– The Zakah of the bonuses received by the employees.
– The Zakah of the amount of money deposited in banks.
– The Zakah of ‘the amount of a commitee’.
– The method of calculation.

Debt and Zakah

– Zakah on Madyoon.
– Zakah on the guarantor of a Madyoon.
– Does every type of Dayn serve as an obstacle for Zakah to become Wajib?
– Becoming a debtor after the completion of the year.
– Mahr and Zakah.
– The Zakah of Mahr on a woman.
– The Zakah on the wife of a debtor.

The ruling on Dayn (debt)
  1. Dayn-e-Qawee.
  2. Dayn-e-Mutawassit.
  3. Dayn-e-Da’deef.

– No hope of receiving back the amount of Dayn.
– The ruling on the reduction of Maal after Zakah becomes Wajib.

  1. Istihlaak.
  2. Tassadduq.
  3. Halaak.

– To whom can Zakah be given?
– Their details.
– How can the person deserving of Zakah be identified?
– What if it is discovered after paying the Zakah that the payee was not deserving of Zakah?
– Do the Safeers of Madrasahs also fall into the category ‘Aamil’.
– People to whom Zakah cannot be given.
– Relatives to whom Zakah can be given.
– The slaves to whom Zakah cannot be given.
– Slaves to whom Zakah can be given.
– Giving Zakah to one’s divorced wife.
– Giving Zakah to the wife or father of a Ghani person.
– Na-Baaligh children of a Ghani mother.
– The woman whos husband owes her Mahr.
– Giving Zakah to a Kafir.
– Giving Zakah to a heretic.
– Giving Zakah to student.
– Giving Zakah to the Imam of a Masjid.
– The payment of salary to the Imam of a Masjid from the amount of Zakah.
– Mother is Hashimi and father, a non- Hashimi.
– Why the Zakah cannot be given to the blessed Sayyids.
– Who are the Banu Hashim?
– Wisdom behind not giving Zakah to the Banu Hashim.
– The way to help Sayyids.
– Giving Zakah to beggers.
– Giving Zakah to Madrasa or Jami’ah.
– Do inform while giving Zakah.
– Giving the total amount of Zakah to a single person.
– What amount of Zakah is it Mustahab to give to one person?
– To whom is it Afdal to give Zakah?
– To whom should a Sayyid give Zakah?
– Can the owner of many books take Zakah?
– What if a Ghani person takes Zakah?
– The person who ownes 6 Tolas of gold!
– Having possession more than Haajat-e-Asliyya
– Woman who owns a huge amount of dowry!
– Someone who owns pearls and jewels.
– Someone who owns expensive winter clothes!
– Person who owns a very large house!
– The person who has a garden in his house!
– Is it permissible for a wealthy person to take Sadaqah?
– What if a non-deserving person takes Zakah?

The payment of Zakah

– Conditions on the payment of Zakah.
– Forgetting to make intention while giving Zakah.
– The words of Zakah.
– Delaying the payment of Zakah.
– Should Zakah be given at one go or little by little?
– Give Zakah at one go.
– The intention may have changed!
– Will the responsibility be fulfilled by separating the amount of Zakah?
– Giving Zakah in Ramadan-ul-Mubarak.
– Openly or secretly.
– Expressing favour after giving Zakah.
– Making the intention of Zakah after giving charity for the whole year.
– What if someone dies before giving Zakah?
– Is it necessary that the Zakah-receiving person knows about it?
– Knowing the amount of Zakah for the validity of its payment.
– Giving Zakah as loan.
– Giving Zakah to a small child.
– Remitting a house rent with the intention of Zakah.
– Forgiving debt.
– Including a forgiven debt for Zakah.
– Paying someone’s debt as Zakah.
– Ruling on giving clothes to orphans.
– Purchasing books from the amount of Zakah.
– What if religious books are got printed with the amount of Zakah and distributed?
– Keeping the amount of Zakah in a box of sweets.
– Impermissible Heelah of taking the amount of Zakah back.
– Paying the fees of a lawyer.
– Giving Zakah as a gift.
– Purchasing grain with the amount of Zakah and distributing it.
– What if a person sells grain at a discounted price to the needy and makes the intention of Zakah?
– Being doubtful about paying Zakah.
– Giving less amount of Zakah unknowingly.
– Making a Wakeel for paying Zakah.
– Should the Wakeel know about Zakah?
– Should the Wakeel also make the intention of Zakah?
– Making the intention of Zakah after making a Wakeel for Nafl Sadaqah.
– Mixing the amount of Zakah of different people.
– Can the Wakeel make someone else a Wakeel?
– Can the Wakeel give Zakah to anyone?
– Can the Wakeel keep the amount of Zakah himself?

Paying Zakah in advance

– The method of making calculation in advance.
– What should be done if the Zakah given in advance is more than
the actual amount?
– What if the person to whom Zakah was given in advance becomes wealthy!
– What if the Nisab no longer exists upon the completion of the year?
– The payment of Zakah from the wealth of the Zakah-giving person.
– The ruling on giving someone’s Zakah from his wealth without permission.
– What if someone passes away without paying Zakah?
– Giving Zakah conditionally.
– What if someone invests the amount of Zakah in trade and distributes its profit amongst the poor?
– Waqf from the amount of Zakah.
– Sending Zakah outside the city.
– Deduction of Zakah by the bank.

Shar’i Heelah

– When did the tradition of ear piercing start?
– A gift of cow meat.
– Shar’i Heelah of Zakah.
– The method of Shar’i Heelah.
– 100 People earn equal Sawab.
– Don’t keep it with you!
– What if a Shar’i Faqeer does not return Zakah after taking it?
– What if one cannot find a trustworthy person for Shar’i Heelah?
– Advising a Faqeer to spend the amount of Zakah on virtuous causes.
– What if someone has spent the amount of Zakah on a Madrasah
without performing Shar’i Heelah?
– Performing Shar’i Heelah in order to give Zakah to one’s parents.

– Giving Nafl Sadaqah instead of Zakah.
– A will made by Ameer-ul-Mu`mineen Sayyiduna Abu Bakr.
– The warning of Ghaus-e-A’zam.
– Performing three Fard acts out of four.
– Salah is not accepted.
– The ruling on whatever has been given as Sadaqah and charity.
– Recognise the satanic attack.
– Pay Zakah.
– The method of calculating Zakah.
– It is our own mistake!
– Heelah for the payment of Zakah of several years.
– Give Zakah happily and wholeheartedly.

The Zakah of animals

– When will the Zakah of animals become Fard?
– What if a person purchases an animal for trade and then starts
grazing it?
– The Zakah of Waqf animals.
– For which types of animals is Zakah Wajib?
– The Zakah of camels.
– What if a male camel is given in place of a female camel for the Zakah of camels?
– Paying the price of animals for the Zakah of camels.
– The Zakah of cows.
– The Zakah of goats.

Other rulings on the Zakah of animals

– What should be the age of animals for Zakah to become Wajib?
– What if none of the animals reaches the Nisab?
– The Zakah of horses, donkeys and mules.


– 4 Narrations mentioning the excellence of Sadaqa-tul-Fitr.
– When did Shari’ah make Sadaqa-tul-Fitr Wajib?
– The wisdom of making Sadaqa-tul-Fitr Wajib.
– Shar’i ruling on Sadaqa-tul-Fitr.
– On whom is Sadaqa-tul-Fitr Wajib?
– When does Sadaqa-tul-Fitr become Wajib?
– The difference between Zakah and Sadaqa-tul-Fitr.
– The conditions of the payment of Sadaqa-tul-Fitr.
– Sadaqa-tul-Fitr of a Na-Baaligh.
– The Sadaqa-tul-Fitr of an unborn baby.
– The Sadaqa-tul-Fitr of one’s younger brother.
– What if a person’s Sadaqa-tul-Fitr has not been paid?
– What if someone’s father has not observed Siyam?
– Sadaqa-tul-Fitr of children is not Wajib upon the mother.
– The Sadaqa-tul-Fitr of orphans.
– The Sadaqa-tul-Fitr of the children of a poor person.
– Observing Sawm is not a condition for Sadaqa-tul-Fitr.
– What if the children reside in Pakistan but the father in a
different country?
– The birth of a child in the night preceding Eid-ul-Fitr.
– The Sadaqa-tul-Fitr of a person who embraces Islam in the night preceding Eid-ul-Fitr.
– What if one’s Maal gets destroyed?
– The Sadaqa-tul-Fitr of a dead person.
– The Sadaqa-tul-Fitr of guests.
– The Sadaqa-tul-Fitr of a married daughter.
– Paying Sadaqa-tul-Fitr without one’s permission.
– Which items can be used to pay Sadaqa-tul-Fitr?
– The amount of Sadaqa-tul-Fitr.
– The amount of Sadaqa-tul-Fitr expressed in an easy way.
– The time for the payment of Sadaqa-tul-Fitr.
– What if Sadaqa-tul-Fitr is paid in Ramadan?
– Paying Sadaqa-tul-Fitr even before Ramadan.
– Being the owner of Nisab while giving Sadaqa-tul-Fitr in advance.
– What if a person gives Sadaqa-tul-Fitr after Eid?
– Which item is Afdal for giving Sadaqa-tul-Fitr?
– To whom should Sadaqa-tul-Fitr be given?
– To whom should Sadaqa-tul-Fitr not be given?
– Giving Sadaqa-tul-Fitr to one Miskeen only.

The details of ‘Ushr

– The excellence of ‘Ushr.
– The dire consequences of not giving ‘Ushr.
– For which agricultural produce is ‘Ushr Wajib?
– ‘Ushr for the honey produced?
– For which agricultural produce is ‘Ushr not Wajib?
– The minimum amount for ‘Ushr to become Wajib.
– ‘Ushr on a Na-Baaligh or an insane person.
– ‘Ushr on a debtor.
– ‘Ushr on a Shar’i Faqeer.
– Is the completion of a year a condition for ‘Ushr or not?
– The ‘Ushr of different fields.
– The ‘Ushr of rented fields.
– Who will give ‘Ushr if the owner of a land does not cultivate
it himself?
– ‘Ushr of jointly owned land.
– ‘Ushr for home-grown agricultural produce.
– The deduction of expenses before giving ‘Ushr.
– Giving ‘Ushr.
– Giving ‘Ushr in advance.
– The meaning of ‘the appearance of fruits’ and ‘agricultural produce becomes ready’.
– The ruling on ‘Ushr if the agricultural produce has been sold.
– Delaying giving ‘Ushr.
– Using agricultural produce before giving ‘Ushr.
– What if a person passes away before giving ‘Ushr?
– Giving money as ‘Ushr.
– What if a person has not given ‘Ushr for a long time?
– What if a person does not cultivate land?
– The ruling on ‘Ushr if agricultural produce gets destroyed.
– To whom should ‘Ushr be given?
– Kharif crops, fruits and vegetables.
– Important Kharif crops.
– Rabi’ crops, fruits and vegetables.

The dire consequences of begging

– 6 Sayings of the Beloved Rasool 􏰐 regarding the condemnation
of begging.
– A Madani request.


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