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Heavenly Jewels (English Paperback)


Long awaited book which eradicates the doubts and misconceptions, and in doing so clarifies the truth in simple terms.A comprehensive fiqh [jurisprudence] guide for everyone, in particular sisters.

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Title: Heavenly Jewels : Sunni Bahishti Zewar
Format: [A5] Paperback
Pages: 446 pages
Author: Mufti Muhammad Khalil Khan Barkati.
Translated into English by: Mawlana Muhammad Omar Dawood Qadri.
Publisher: Maktab e Qadria
Published Year: 2009
Language: [English ]
Added to our Catalogue: 13th May 2020

This version includes (only 1st Part – Aqeedah) English translation of Bahar-e-Shariat,
by Mufti Amjad Ali Azami,
Translated into English by: Mawlana Aftab Cassim Noorie.

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Description :

Long awaited book which eradicates the doubts and misconceptions, and in doing so clarifies the truth in simple terms.A comprehensive fiqh [jurisprudence] guide for everyone, in particular sisters.

This version of Sunni Bahishti Zewar includes translation into English of the complete first section of ‘Bahar-e-Shari’at’ on aqeedah by ‘Sadrus Shari’ah’: Mufti Amjad Ali, ‘alayhir rahman. Also available from Sunnibooks :

***Bahar e Shariat Vol 1,2,3, English,
***Bahar e Shariat Vol 3,4, English,
***Bahar e Shariat Vol 16, English.

—Sunni Bahishti Zewar [Heavenly Jewels] Contents – 318 pages,

—Qaseedah Burdah Sharif (English transliteration),
—Salaam to our Beloved Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace,
—Du’a by Sayyid Amin miya Barkati,
—Translator’s Note.

—Chapter [1]. Tahaarat,
—Chapter [2]. Important Terms,
—Chapter [3]. Wudhu,
—Chapter [4]. Ghusl,
—Chapter [5]. Tayammum,
—Chapter [6]. Haiz and Nifaas,
—Chapter [7]. Istihaaza,
—Chapter [8]. Najaasat,
—Chapter [9]. Istinjaa,
—Chapter [10]. Salaah,
—Chapter [11]. Purdah,
—Chapter [12]. The Rights of a Husband,
—Chapter [13]. The Rights of a Wife,
—Chapter [14]. Forty Ahadeeth,
—Chapter [15]. Bringing up and Educating Children,
—Chapter [16]. Nafl Namaaz,
—Chapter [17]. Sickness,
—Chapter [18]. Death,
—Chapter [19]. Taaziyat,
—Chapter [20]. Isaal e Thawaab,
—Chapter [21]. Rights of Parents after they pass away,
—Chapter [22]. Zakaat,
—Chapter [23]. Fasting,
—Chapter [24]. Hajj,
——Specific Ahkaam of Women during Hajj,
——A Necessary Naseehat,
—Chapter [25]. Travelling to Madinah Tayyibah,
—Chapter [26]. Discussion on Nikah,
——Women prior to Islam,
——Ijaab and Qabool,
—Chapter [27]. Discussion on Talaaq,
—Chapter [28]. Custody and Raising of the Child,
—Chapter [29]. Gatherings of Blessings,
—Chapter [30]. Aqeeqa and Circumcision,
—Chapter [31]. Zeenat (Beautification – Embellishment),
—Chapter [32]. Correction of Practices,
—Chapter [33]. Excellence and Masa’il of Durood Shareef,
——A few masa’il,
—Chapter [34]. Fazaa’il and Adaab of Reciting the Holy Qur’an,
——Adaab of Tilawat and Masa’il of Qiraat,
—Chapter [35]. Fazaa’il and Adaab of Du’a,
——Times for Du’a to be Accepted,
——Glad Tidings,
—Chapter [36]. Qasam and Kaffarah,
——Offences and Castigation,
—Chapter [37]. Fiqhi Masa’il regarding Zinaa,
—Chapter [38]. Hadd e Qazf,
—Chapter [39]. Tazeer,
——Important Note,
——Hadd for drinking alcohol,
——Related Masa’il,
—Chapter [40]. Murtad,
——Ahkaam regarding Irtidaad,
——Important Note,
——Do not be Fooled,
—Chapter [41]. A few statements of Kufr,
—Chapter [42]. Luqt (gleanings),
—Chapter [43]. Discussion on Business Transactions (Sales),
——Miscellaneous Masa’il concerning Buying and Selling,
——Ba’ee e Makrooh,
——Related Masa’il,
—Chapter [44]. Discussion on Loans (Qarz),
—Chapter [45]. Miscellaneous Masa’il,
—Chapter [46]. Islamic Manners,
——A few masa’il regarding ‘Day to Day’ living.
—A Few Chapters of Islamic Manners:
——Adaab of Walking,
——Adaab of a Gathering (Mehfil),
——Adaab of Meeting, Greeting and Speaking,
——Adaab of Sleeping,
——Adaab of Happiness and Grief,
——Adaab concerning Neighbours,
——Factors that cause Poverty,
——Factors that bring about Affluence.

—Bahar-e-Shariat Contents – 125 pages,

—About the Author,
—Chapter [1]. Belief regarding Allah The Exalted,
——Words of Kufr uttered in regard to the Being of Allah The Exalted,
—Chapter [2]. Belief concerning Nabuwwat (Prophethood),
——Important Law,
—Chapter [3]. The Angels,
——The Upper class of the favourite Angels,
—Chapter [4]. Aalam e Barzakh : The domain between Death & Resurrection,
—Chapter [5]. The HereAfter and Resurrection,
——The Book of Deeds,
——The Pond of Kawthar,
——Maqaam e Mahmood,
——Liwa ul Hamd,
——Pul Siraat,
—Chapter [6]. Jannat (Paradise – Heaven),
—Chapter [7]. Dozakh (Hell),
—Chapter [8]. The Books of Allah The Exalted,
—Chapter [9]. Imaan and Kufr (Faith and Disbelief),
——Misguided and Corrupt Sects,
——Corrupt Qadiani Beliefs,
——Corrupt Raafzi (Shi’ah) Beliefs,
——Take Heed,
——Ghayr Muqalideen, (Anti-Madhhab Cult),
——–Important Note,
—Chapter [10]. Imaamat : Correct Religious Leadership,


** Highly recommended especially for Islamic Sisters **


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