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Horizons of Perfection (English)


Subjects included in this book are Tafsir, Beliefs, Rules of Behaviour to be observed by the Disciples, Awrad, Azkar, Ashgal, A’mal and Fiqh

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Title: Horizons of Perfection (English)
Format: [A4-] Hardback
Author: Qutb al-Waqt Sayyid Abu al-Husain Ahmad al-Nuri al-Husaini al-Qadiri Barkati رَضِيَ ٱللَّٰهُ عَنْهُ
Publisher: Imam Ahmed Raza Academy
Published Year: 2007
Edition: 3rd
Language: [English]
ISBN: 0620282339
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Length: 250mm
Width: 195mm
Height: 28mm
Weight: 1214g
Pages: 327

Horizons of Perfection (English) – Description


Siraj al-‘Awarif fi al-Wasaya wa al-Ma’arif (The Lamp of Mystic Knowledge

to Comprehend the Mystic Way of Life and Counsel) was first published in 1313/1896 A.H.

The author of this book, Hadrat Sayyid Shah Abu al-Husain Ahmad al-Nurt al-Husain, who was born in 1255/1839 A.., belonged to the famous chain of mystics of Khangah-e-Barkatiya of Mareh’ra Sharif. He was the son of Hadrat Sayyid Shah Zahur Hasan al-Husaini & and grandson of Hadrat Khatim al-Akabir Sayyid Shah Ale Rasul Ahmadi. Hadrat Nüri Mia’s 4 mother was the daughter of Sayyid Shah Dildar Haydar Zaidr al-Husaini. He took the oath of allegiance (Bayth) at the hands of his grandfather, who also appointed him as his Khalifah and successor. He owed his education and spiritual upbringing to his grandfather and Hadrat Sayyid Shah Ghulam Muhiyy al-Din, the youngest brother of his grandfather. After the demise of his grandfather, Hadrat Nuri Mia if ascended the seat of Sajjadah Nashin of Khangah-e-Barkatiyya.

In the “Khandan-e-Barkat,” the brief history of the family of Hadrat Sayyid Shah Barkatullah (d.1142/1729), Hadrat Taj al- ‘Ulama Sayyid Shah Awlade Rasul Muhammad Mia, has mentioned the subjects on which Hadrat Nuri Mia  wrote. He writes that Hadrat Nüri Mia do has left behind a few tracts on Tafsir, Beliefs, Rules of Behaviour to be observed by the Disciples, Awrad, Azkar, Ashgal, A’mal and Fiqh. He composed verses as well and has left behind a small collection of poems.

Table of Contents

About the Author

Khurba, Na’at and Mangabat
The four categories of Ahle-Bayth
1″ Fard: Salvation depends only on following the Madab of the Ahle-Sunnah-wa-Jama’ah.
2′ Fard: Haqqiqah never opposes the Shari’ah
3′ Fard: Good conduct is the biggest root of Din
4′ Fard: What is the meaning of Tasawwuf?



1st Advice: To be steadfast on the path of the Ahle-Sunnah-wa-Jama’ah
2nd’ Advice: The important qualities of a Murshid
3rd Advice: Take Bay’ah
4th Advice: The importance of seeking knowledge of Din
5th Advice: To serve a Walt of Allah
6th Advice: Take all decisions according to the Shar’ah
7th Advice: Steadfast on Din is a sign of success and salvation
8th Advice: Showing Mercy to others
9th Advice; Objection on spending lavishly in celebrations
10th Advice; Stress on importance of performing Salah with Jumd at in the Musjid
11th Advice; The importance of Taqlid of the Four Imams & & the declaration of
Shayyiduna Shaykh ‘Abd al- Qadir Jilani
The explanation of Mehbub-e-Elahi and Mehbub-e-Subhini-Answer to Objections




The Book of Perfection of Iman
The ‘Ilme-Ghayb of The Ambiya and Awliya
The Ahle-Bayth it and Awliya are not Ma’sum
Any Kashf that is not in accordance to the Shar’ah is not recognized
The forbiddance of cursing the dead
The real meaning of the word La’nat (curse)
The excellence of Shaykhayn and the Madhab of Imam Abu-Hanifa
No Wali can attain the status of a Prophet
The first condition of Tasawwuf
An answer to the Satanic Beliefs of ignorant Sufis
Angels are Masum (sinless)
The status of Sayyidah Khadijah to, “A Tesha fo, Fatima to and Maryam
Excellence is according to the sequence of Khilafat-Räshidah
It is Kufr to mock the Laws of Shari’ah
Naturalists are misled and they mislead
Explanation of Mo “jizah and Karamat
Why is Belief on the Unseen (Iman-bil-Ghavb) excellent
Concerning cursing Yazid
Concerning the battle of Jamal and Sif’fin
Wiläyah (Sainthood) is Wahbi (Divinely conferred)
The Beloved Rasul is unique and matchless
The difference between Qada-e-Mubram and Qada-e-Mo’allaq
Malice towards Sayyiduna Amir Mu’awiyya4 is a sign of heresy
The excellence of Sayyiduna Abu-Bakr al-Siddique
A Prophet is never stripped of Prophethood



The difference between Tasawwuf and Sulük
Wahdat al-Wojud and Wahdat al-Shohud
The Qadiri Stations of Suluk
The Status of the Ambiya and the Awliya
The quest for truth and Falsehood
Karamat is not a confirmation of Wilayah
Method of distinguishing between a real Wali and a fake Wali
Corruption of pretending ignorant Sufis
Shavkhayn are nurtured by the Tree of Nubuwwah
The Stations of Taraq’qi and Tanaz’zul
The Two Nisbas of the ‘Arifin
The Completion of Sayr-illah and the cursed Shaytan
Refutation of the Awliya leads to Kufr
Evil human natures and its treatment
Barzakh-e-Shaykh is the essence of Suluk
The beams of the Sublime Lord
Explanation of ‘Alam-e-Barzakh
Three types of graves
Man experiences 3 deaths and 4 lives
The wisdom of Hashr and Nashr
The Khilafat of Nabi Adam still and the pride of Shaytän
The Nisbah of an ‘Ashiq and Mashuq
Sincerity in Suluk is never fruitless
A question and answer regarding the Majzüb
What is the Soul?
Salah and its omitance
‘Alam-e-Saghir and ‘Àlam-e-Kabir
Allah De is the Indivisible One and not the Mathematical one
All Allah’s de Attributive Qualities are Eternal
Some Mystical sayings of the Awliya
Humans Control 3 Souls
A Ghowth exists in every era
The Wiläyah of a Nabi is more excellent than his Nubuwwah
The explanation of Qabi and Basth
It is impossible to see Allah with the physical eye in this world
The qualities of the Awliya
The Malamati Fogara
Physical Me raj in a wakeful state is the exclusivity of Sayyiduna Rasalullah
Who are the people that qualify to listen to Sima
The elevated Station of Wilayah
It is Fard on a Wali to hide his identity
The examples of sincere devotion in Thadah
The chambers of the Heart also increase while awake
The examples of Nafs
The stations of Talwin and Takwin
What is Soute-Sarmadi
The categories of the Awliya (Wasilane-Haqq)
The conditions of dreams
The effects of Tajalli in Sayr-Fillah
Sukr and Sahu
Ahle-Sahu and Ahle-Sukr
Conditions of Sahu and Sukr
The comments of the Sufiyyah regarding different Worlds in the Universe
The reasons of Waid and Hal
Wilayah-e- ‘Am’ma and Wiläyah-e-Khas sah
The explanation of Fana and Baga
The categories of Ahle-Wusul
There are 4 types of Wiläyah
Detailed categories of Awliya
Haid al-Rijal
The Awaisi Nisbah



The valuable Risala of ‘Amal wa Ma’ mul
Du’à after Meals
The Method of performing Salät al-Tahajjud
The Method of increasing one’s Rizq
The Method of increasing one’s Maghfirah
The Ishräq Salah
The Chasht Salah
The Awwabin Saläh
The Waza ‘if of ‘Esha
The Waza if at bed time
Dhikr al-Haqq Chahar Darbi
Dhikr al-Khawas
Hindi Dhikr of Baba Farid Mas’ud Ganje-Shakar
The importance of performing Tahajjud Salah
Make excessive Dhikr that people regard you as insane
Hypocrisy and boastfulness destroys all good deeds
The Stations of faults of Ahle-Sulk
Do not trust your Kashf
The quantity of daily food consumption
Always be with Wudu
Always seek protection from bad death
Puberty and two Shaytans
Wusül ilall-lah does not depend on Dhikr and Shaghal
What is best, to be a resident or a traveler
Distribution of time in 24 hours
The method of reciting the Khandant Shajrah
Method of taking Bay ‘ah and becoming a Talib
The renewal of Bay ‘ah on the hands of another Shaykh
A Murid of one Silsila in another Silsila
What does a Murid do when he is in the presence of the Murshid
The Qadiri Masha ‘ik’s method of Tawajjah
A foreign woman (Ghair-Mahram) still remains a foreign woman even after taking
Bay ‘ah with a Murshid
The Shaghal of the last Station of Suluk
The method of Istiqamat in the Path of Suluk
Some most inspiring advices
Shaghale-do-Neem, the Family Secret
The reason for exposing the Family Secrets
Granting Khilafah before perfection
The method of acquiring Barkat and Fuyud from the Mazarat of the Awliya
Method of inquiring the condition of the deceased
Exposure of the bad state of a deceased with corrupt beliefs
Anwar, Azkar and Ashghal
The different conditions of Wajd and Hal
The secret methods of kidnap of the Shaytan
Emphasis on acquiring ‘Ilm al-Din
Peace and Love between Husband and Wife
Etiquettes to observe when visiting the sacred graves of the Exalted Awliya
The impact of Divine Tajalli in the inception of Sayr-Fillah
The secrets of Suluk
The states of Hay ‘maan and Wal’haan
The serious obstructions in the Path of Suluk
Difficulties experienced in Dhikr
A Present Heart in Tilawat and Saläh
The Locations of the Darb of Dhikr
The difference between the Dhikr of Sha’ghal and Muragibah
The 12 Ethics of the Salik
The Stations of Fana
The Heart of an ‘Árif is similar to the Musjid
Litany (Awräd) of Friday Night
The Khiläfat (Coronation) of the Author



The Law of Khab’re-Wahid
The Laws pertaining to greeting and associating with an open transgressor (Fäsiq)
Emphasis on Miswak
Entering someone’s home without permission and greetings
Addressing Parents, Teachers and Masha’ikh by their names
Baseless jokes
Difference between smiling, laughing and laughing aloud
The punishment for forgetting the Holy Qur’an
Two types of Sajdah
The ruling of Tawaf of anything besides the Holy Ka'”bah
Praising a Kafir, Mushrik or Fasiqe-Mo’lin
Recite the Holy Qur ‘an softly in public
Abstain from the company of a foreign woman in private
To call a Muslim a Kafir is worse than killing him
Regarding Halal that which Allah & has made Haram
Hiding the Truth & False Testimony
Giving false evidence
Sins of minor children and their parents
Difference between Hijab and Satr
The Sharr’ah and Hijäb of women
The face and voice of a woman
Tight and see-through clothing and the Shari’ah
Women and blind Men
Hijab and Kafir Women
Who is a Mehram
Explanation of “No Nikah between the two Eids”
Poetry and Dignity
Period of Mourning
Mourning in the 10 days of Muharram
The Fateha of Giyarwi Sharif
The Majlis of Moulud al-Nabi
Qiyam and Salam
Mourning over the dead
The virtue of Nikah with widows
Forbiddance of Nikah with Shi’as and Wahabis
Esale-Thawab on the Day of ‘Ashura
The method of deriving Fuyud and Barkät from Imam al-Husain
The ruling of Sharl’ah on Ta’ ziya
Not fulfilling unlawful commands of parents
Killing dangerous animals and hunting
Photography and the Shari’ah
Burying the dead in homes
Bury the dead in the city of his death
Forbiddance of exhuming bodies of the dead
When is exhuming permissible
Laws pertaining to plastering the inside of the grave
Those Sunnahs which have become obsolete in some places
It is Haram to build imaginary graves
The observance of Majalis of Shahadah in the 10 days of Muharram
Imitating a specific nation
Laws pertaining to Women visiting the Qubür
Treatment in sickness
Insanity and the rules of Shari’ah
Disagreement between Husband and Wife
The status of the Husband after the death of his Wife
Jadu, witchcraft and its evils



Do not expose your secrets
Observe the words of an ‘Älim and not his actions
Imitate the habits and worship patterns of the illustrious Masha’ikh
The method of advising the transgressors and sinners
Show mercy on the weak
Vulgarness is Haram
Kindness and care for domesticated animals
Unnecessarily living in the Musjid
Rejecting the Awliya invites bad consequences
Hypocrisy and double standards
Reading letters of others without their permission
To revenge one who dislikes you
Breaking relations with Muslims
Kindness to those smaller than you
Conduct and favours on your family and neighbours
Do not be steadfast only on the advice of women
Good and bad anger
Hiding the faults of others is virtuous
What is sincere friendship?



Du’a when seeing the new Moon
Du’à when in hardship and problems
Jinns are dangerous
Dangers for those who deal with Jinns
Difference of status between Human and Jinns
Harmless benefits
Different methods of making the Khatam of Holy Qur’än
Knowing the condition of the deceased
Leftover drinking water of fellow Muslim
Amazing beneficial incidents


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