I Want to Rectify Myself (English)


I Want to Rectify Myself (English) is a short booklet on how to control the Nafs to rectify yourself to do good deeds. For anyone wanting to go onto the right path no matter what your situation may be this is an excelent booklet to help rectify yourself.

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Title: I Want to Rectify Myself (English)
Format: [A6] Paperback
Type: Booklet
Author: Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadiri Razavi
Publisher: Dawat-e-Islami
Published Year: 2004
Edition: 1st
Language: [English]
ISBN: Does not apply
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I Want to Rectify Myself (English) – Description

What do You Want: Heaven or Hell?

Imam Abu Nu’aim Ahmad Bin ‘Abdullah Asfahani (Deceased in 430 AH.) mentions in Hilya-tul-Auliya that Sayyiduna Ibrähim Taimi states: Once, I imagined that I am in Hell, tightly strapped by the chains of fire, eating cactus and sipping the pus of the people in hell. After these contemplations, I enquired my Nafs [Inner-being], “Tell me, what you desire: torment of Hell or deliverance from Hell?” My Nafs answered, “Deliverance. I want to go back to the world and perform such deeds by virtue of which I can be exempted from the Hell.” After this, I contemplated that I am in Heaven, eating its fruits, drinking beverages from its rivers, and meeting with the Hürs [beautiful virgins of Heaven]. After these imaginations, I questioned my Nafs, “What do you desire: Heaven or Hell?” My Nafs answered, “Heaven. I want to go to the world and perform good deeds so that I can avail the bounties of paradise.” Then I said to my Nafs:

Right now you have opportunity. (Meaning: O! Nafs, now you have to determine your path yourself, either rectify yourself and go to the Heaven or do sins and go to the Hell. Therefore, you should sow what you want to reap).

Table of Contents

  • Transliteration Chart.
  • Deliverance from Hypocrisy and the Hellfire
  • What do You Want Heaven or Hell?
  • Preparation for the Afterlife
  • Bright Future
  • Amazing Accountability
  • No Repentance, No Fear of the Aftermath
  • A Childhood Sin (Mistake) Recalled
  • Strange Method of Remembering Sins of Childhood
  • Feeling Proud of Flawed Virtues
  • Do Good Deed but do not Remember it
  • What Did You Do Today?
  • Humbleness of Al-Farüq-Al-A’zam
  • Accountability before the Day of Judgment
  • What is Accountability?
  • Thumb On the Lamp
  • I Will Never Look Up.
  • What if I am Prevented from Paradise?
  • Handcuffs and Chains.
  • The Limited Number of Breaths
  • The One Who Doesn’t Perform Good Deeds Is Foolish
  • Name on the Portal of Hell
  • Extreme Stupidity
  • In What Case Expecting Absolution is Silliness?
  • There is Lesson in Afflictions
  • Allah عز و جل is the Sustainer and yet.
  • Allah عز و جل has not Taken the Responsibility of Forgiving Everyone, but…
  • Allah عز و جل is Sovereign
  • Repent in Order to Reform Yourself,
  • Good Intentions
  • 4 Madani Pearls for Applying Kohl
  • Bibliography

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