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Islam Answers Atheism – by Asrar Rashid (Now available)


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The author, Asrar Rashid, takes on the more difficult questions taking us through a labrynth of Kalām, philosophy, logic, epistemology, science, the Qurʾān, Ḥadīth and Sharīʿa.

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Details: Islam Answers Atheism

[A5+] Hardback -392 pages,
by Shaykh Asrar Rashid,
by Rigel Publishing.
Now available
Back in stock – April 2021

Islam Answers Atheism – Description

This unique work is a result of multiple engagements and debates in universities, mosques, private gatherings and elsewhere. The author, Asrar Rashid, takes on the more difficult questions taking us through a labrynth of Kalām, philosophy, logic, epistemology, science, the Qurʾān, Ḥadīth and Sharīʿa. The book covers in depth the proof for God, His divine attributes, the problem of evil, freewill and divine knowledge, the most difficult philosophical and scientific objections against Islam, as well as objections to Sharīʿa law, the Qurʾān’s historical preservation, the historicity of the Ḥadīth, slavery, Jihād, women’s rights and a host of other complex issues. This book is a must for all who are learning about Islam, Muslims and non-Muslims, apologists and detractors.


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Excellently written and brilliantly dismantles the sophistry, chutzpah not to mention the absurdity of the modern day atheist using rational arguments and Ash’ari theology. Easily accessible chapters make it a great work readily on hand to answer the critics of Islam on the oft-quoted so called ‘objections’ parroted today e.g. jihad, slavery, women in Islam, concept of evil and God etc. May God reward the author and publishing team immensely.

Table of contents

Chapter One – Islam & Atheism
  1. How can Islam answer Atheism
  2. The Prime Importance of Kalam
  3. The Categories of Belief
  4. Degrees of Proof
  5. Blind Conformity
  6. The Intuitive Mind of the Pious Predessors [salaf]
  7. The Mind & the Intelect
  8. Religious Hypocrisy
  9. Salvation through Kalam
  10. The Emergence of Dispute
  11. The Mu’tazila
  12. The Modern Era
  13. Fifteen Atheistic Fallacies
Chapter Two – Epistemology
  1. The Meaning & Importance of Epistemology
  2. Does Knowledge itself need defining?
  3. Judgements
  4. Empirical Judgements
  5. Rational Judgements
  6. Categorisation of Empirical & Rational Judgements
  7. Certainty & Types of Proofs
  8. Proofs that impart Certainty
  9. Disputation based on Famous Assumption or Fallacies
  10. Oratory based on Accepted Names
  11. Poetic Licence
  12. Sophistry
  13. Love is a Fallacy
  14. The Importance of Common Sense / Method of Signification
  15. Anglo-European Philosophy & its Epistemology
Chapter Three – God’s Effect
  1. Cause & Effect
  2. The Sceptical Fetters of David Hume
  3. Russell’s Teapot
  4. Reasoning from Effect to Cause that God certainly Exists
  5. Seven Principles
  6. The Summary of Proof for these Seven Principles
  7. The Proof by way of Tallying or Application
  8. Cantor’s Set Theory
  9. Circular Reasoning & Continuous Regression
  10. What the Cause of the Universe entails
  11. A Universe from Nothing by Lawrence Krauss
  12. Afterthoughts & Various Considerations
  13. Ockham’s Razor
  14. The Principle of Sufficient Reason
  15. The Fallacy of Composition
  16. A Caused Universe & the Casual Principle
  17. The Anthropic Principle & the Teleological Argument
  18. God of the Gaps
  19. Alien of the Gaps
  20. The Names & Attributes of Allah
Chapter Four – On Evil, Theodicy & Philosophical Sundries
  1. The Problem of Evil & Suffering
  2. What Stephen Fry said
  3. The Connections of the Attributes of God
  4. The Boulder Question
  5. Satan’s Tricky Question
  6. Divine Knowledge
  7. The Necessary & the Essential
  8. On Human Freewill
  9. The Legally Responsible
  10. Unbelievers
  11. The Outward Muslim & the Outward Kafir
  12. Divine Will & Human Freewill
  13. The Meaning of ‘God Willing’
  14. The Meaning of ‘God guides / misguides whom He wills’
  15. Prophetic Reports on Freewill
  16. Sin & Freewill
  17. The Danger of Religious Arrogance
  18. Why does God need our Worship?
  19. The Purpose of Human Life
  20. The Man who worshipped for Five Hundred Years
  21. A Thought Experiment
  22. Why does God burn the Unbelievers in Hell for Eternity?
  23. The Punishment in Hell
  24. Euthyphro’s Dilemma
  25. The Drowning Man
  26. God’s Law
  27. An Imperfect World
  28. What is the Wisdom of God creating Evil?
Chapter Five – Islam & Science
  1. The Clash of Modern Science
  2. The Subject of Science
  3. Miracles
  4. The Metaphysical Domain
  5. The Buraq
  6. The Splitting of the Moon
  7. Claims of Scientific Error in the Qur’an
  8. The Qur’an is not a Book of Science
  9. Claims of Scientific Error in Prophetic Reports
  10. Forgeries & Islam
  11. Eschatology in Islam
  12. The Illusion of Scientific Dogmatism
  13. Paradigm Shifts in Scientific Theories
  14. Evolution / Intelligent Design & Islam
Chapter Six – The Qur’an, Hadith & Shari’a
  1. Islam
  2. The Preservation of the Qur’an
  3. The Preservation of Hadith & Sunna
  4. Classification of Hadith
  5. Shari’a Law
  6. Jihad
  7. Slavery
  8. Corporal Punishment
  9. Capital Punishment for Apostates
  10. Homosexuality & Islam
  11. The Marriage of Lady ‘A’isha
  12. Polygamy
  13. The Hijab
  14. Woman like a Rib Hadith
  15. Maidens for Men, what about Women?
  16. Women & Inheritance Laws
  17. Blood Money of a Woman [diya]
  18. Divorce Laws
  19. Wife Beating
  20. Woman’s Intellect & Leadership

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