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Islam: The Complete Way of Life (Vol 1)


It is duty of each and every Muslim to know the basic teachings, beliefs and system of worship of Islam. This book is the very 1st Edition of Islam: The Complete Way of Life

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Title: Islam: The Complete Way of Life (Vol 1)
Format: [A5] Paperback
Author: Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada
Publisher: Al-Karam Publications
Published Year: 2000
Edition: 1st
Language: [English]
ISBN: 0953399931
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Length: 210mm
Width: 162mm
Height: 5mm
Weight: 132g
Pages: 68

Islam: The Complete Way of Life (Vol 1) – Description




All praise is to Allah (swt) Who has guided us towards the right path, Islam. Countless blessings be upon the Mercy for all the worlds, our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ who is the best example of practicing Islam and the best role model for all Muslims. 

It is duty of each and every Muslim to know the basic teachings, beliefs and system of worship of Islam. Muslim parents are responsible for the Islamic upbringing of their children and to teach them their religion, Islam, in the correct manner. To help parents in fulfilling this important task, different scholars have written detailed books which cover important topics and issues, which are widely available in the market. While looking over these books, I felt that an attempt should be made to write a brief and comprehensive book which would cover all the major rays of this illuminated diamond called Islam.

The result of this attempt is what is in your hands. In this book I have tried to provide the basic knowledge of Islam in a simple and lucid manner. It should be of great help to all those who wish to understand Islam as beginners.

I take full responsibility for any errors and mistakes in this book and I welcome any suggestions for improvements. I am grateful to Mr. M. Ishaq for his help in writing this book.

Humble servant of Almighty Allah,
(the utmost Kind, the ever Merciful)
Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada
19th September 2000

Table of Contents – Vol 1

  • Preface
  • Pillars of Islam
  • Tahaarah (Cleanliness)
    • Going to the toilet
    • Wudu (Ablution)
    • The things which invalidate the Wudu
    • Tayam-mum (Dry Ablution)
  • Azaan (Call to Prayer)
    • The wording of Azaan
    • Du’aa after Azaan
    • Iqaamah
  • Salaah (Daily Prayers)
    • The Salaah has many benefits
    • The daily prayers and their timings
    • The conditions of prayer
    • The Fraa’id (Obligations) of prayer
    • The Waajibaat (Essentials) of prayer
    • The Sunnahs of prayer
    • Table of units of prayer
    • How to make the Niyyah
    • How to perform the prayer
    • Wit prayer
    • Taraaweeh
    • Some Du’aas after prayer
    • How to do the Du’aa
    • Table of contents of prayer
    • The two prostrations of Sahw
    • Jamaa’ah (Congregation)
    • The traveller’s prayer
    • Jumu’ah (Friday Prayer)
    • Eid Prayer
    • The sacrifice of animals (Qurbani)
    • Rulings about the Funeral
    • Washing and Shrouding the dead body
    • The funeral Prayer
    • Supplication and Charity for Deceased
  • Zakaah
    • The wisdom of Zakaah
    • Those entitled to Zakaah
  • Sawm (Fasting)
    • The wisdom of Sawm
    • What invalidates the Sawm
  • Hajj (Pilgrimage)
    • The wisdom of Haij
    • Ihraam
    • Types of Hajj
    • The procedure of performing Hajj
    • Umrah
  • The Life of Prophet Muhammad
    • The world before Prophet Muhammad
    • The Birth and Childhood of Prophet Muhammad
    • Fostering
    • A business trip to Syria
    • Hilf-ul-Fudhool
    • Marnage
    • Rebuilding of the Ka’bah
    • Physical form and Character
  • The Prophethood (Nubuwwah)
    • Preaching Islam
    • Fate of Abu Lahab
    • Did Islam spread by the force of the sword?
    • Emigration to Ethiopia
    • Social boycott
    • The year of Sorrow
    • Preaching in Taa”if
    • Mi raaj (The journey to the Heavens)
  • Islam Begins in Madinah
    • Emigration to Madinah
    • The Holy ProphetAW arrives in Madinah
    • Masjid Nabavi
    • Brotherhood
    • The World’s first written Constitution
  • Jihaad is permitted
    • The Battle of Badr
    • The Battle of Uhud
    • The Battle of the Trench
    • The Treaty of Hudaibiyyah
    • The Conquest of Makkah
    • The Farewell Address
    • The Sad News
  • Islamic Calendar

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