Islam – The Complete Way of Life


Islam : The Complete Way of Life is ideal for those who want to understand Islam as beginners. It covers some of the important drops of the vast ocean of Islam so that readers can have a better understanding of Islam. This is the new revised third edition


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Title: Islam – The Complete Way of Life (New third editition)
Format: [A5] Paperback
Author: Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada
Publisher: Al Karam Publications
Published Year: 2022
Edition: New 3rd
Language: [English ]
ISBN: 9781916062856
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New revised 3rd Edition – Published 2022


All praise is for Allah, Lord of all the worlds, who has guided us upon the straight path, that of Islam. Countless salutations and blessings be upon the one who is Mercy for all the worlds, our beloved Prophet Muhammad «, who is the best example and the greatest role model for all Muslims to follow.

It is the duty of each and every Muslim to at least know the basic teachings, beliefs and methods of worship of the religion of Islam. Muslim parents have a duty as they are responsible for the Islamic upbringing of their children and to teach them their religion of Islam in the correct and appropriate manner. Muslim scholars have written detailed books which cover the main topics and issues, and these books are widely available. With pupils of secondary school age at Jamia Al-Karam’s Al-Karam Secondary School, I was able to examine such books as we put together a programme of study for them. I felt that an attempt should be made to have a brief yet comprehensive book which would cover the major themes and rays of the Islamic religion. Recognising the secondary age group, the book should be able to reflect major themes that highlight the depth of Islam and its civilisation whilst being simple and easy for a growing mind. In order to help parents in fulfilling their important duty and for children to be provided with simple reflections of the Islamic tradition, this book is that attempt.

This book will be beneficial for those growing out of primary age education as well as those who are beginners in the field of Islamic learning. It covers the necessary themes and provides a direction for further in depth study. I remain grateful to our Head of Islamic Studies at Al-Karam Secondary School, Mr Mohammed Ishaq, for his help and contribution in writing this book for the benefit of pupils.


Description :

ISLAM: THE COMPLETE WAY OF LIFE is a comprehensive book covering the necessary themes of Islamic learning, providing a direction for further in depth study. The book is divided into four sections: Worship in Islam, Life of the Prophet , Beliefs and Teachings, and Prophets and Caliphs. Written in a simple, straightforward and easy to understand manner, it is ideal for beginners and for pupils of school age. Review questions at the end of the chapters will help students to learn and remember the content. It is a perfect book to have in the home easily accessible to all members of the family.



  • The Pillars of Islam
      • The First Pillar of Islam
      • The Other Four Pillars of Islam
  • Taharah (Cleanliness)
      • Going to the Toilet
      • Wudu’ (Ablution)
      • How to Perform Wudu’
      • Those Things that Invalidate the Wudu’
      • Tayammum (Dry Ablution)
      • How to Perform Tayammum
      • Ghusl (Bath)
      • How to Perform Ghusl
  • Adhan (Call to Prayer)
      • The Wording of Adhan
      • Du’a (Supplication) after Adhan
      • Iqamah
  • Salah (Prayer)
      • Salah has Many Benefits
      • The Five Daily Prayers and their Timings
      • It is not permissible to pray at the following times
      • The Conditions of Prayer
      • The Fara’id (Obligations) of Prayer
      • The Waijibat (Essentials) of Prayer
      • The Sunnahs of Prayer
      • Table of Units of Prayer
      • How to make the Niyyah
      • How to Perform the Prayer
      • Women will differ from men in the following
      • Witr Prayer
      • Tarawih Prayer
      • Some Du’as after Prayer
      • How to do Du’a
      • The 4 Units of Emphatic Sunnahs
      • The 4 Units of Non-Emphatic Sunnahs
      • The 4 Units of Fard
      • The 3 Units of Fard
      • The 2 Units of Fard
      • The Two Prostrations of Sahw
      • The Jama’ah (Congregation)
      • The Traveller’s Prayer
      • Tumu’ah (Friday Prayer)
      • ‘Eid Praver
      • The Sacrifice of Animals (Qurbani)
      • Rulings about the Funeral
      • Washing and Shrouding the Dead Body
      • The Funeral Prayer (Janazah)
      • Supplication (Du’a) and Charity (Sadaqah)
      • for the Deceased
  • Zakah (Prescribed Charity)
      • Wisdom of Zakah
      • Those Entitled to Zakah
  • Sawm (Fasting)
      • Wisdom of Sawm
      • The Niyyah to Start the Fast (Suhur)
      • The Du’a after Opening the Fast (Iftar)
      • Those Things that Invalidate the Fast
  • Hajj (Pilgrimage)
      • Wisdom of Haji
      • The Ihram
      • Types of Hajj
      • Method of Performing Hajj Ifrad
      • ‘Umrah
  • The Islamic Calendar


  • Early Life of Prophet Muhammad
      • World before Prophet Muhammad
      • Birth and Childhood of Prophet
      • Muhammad
      • Muhammad & (The Praiseworthy One)
      • Fostering
      • Aminah, ‘Abd al-Muttalib and Abu Talib
      • Journey to Syria
      • Hilf al-Fudul
      • Marriage
      • Rebuilding of the Ka’bah
      • Physical Form and Character
  • Nubuwwah (Prophethood)
      • Muhammad & as Prophet (Nabi)
      • Preaching Islam
      • Preaching Openly
      • Fate of Abu Lahab
      • Did Islam Spread by the Sword?
      • Emigration to Abysinnia
      • Social Boycott
      • The Year of Sorrow
      • Preaching in Ta’if
      • Mi’raj (Journey to the Heavens)
  • Islam Begins in Madinah
      • Hijrah (Emigration to Madinah)
      • The holy Prophet reaches Quba
      • The holy Prophet & arrives in Madinah
      • Masjid Nabawi (Prophet’s Mosque)
      • Brotherhood
      • The World’s First Written Constitution
  • The Need to Defend Madinah
      • Battle of Badr
      • Battle of Uhud
      • Battle of the Trench
      • Treaty of Hudaybiyah
      • Conquest of Makkah
      • The Farewell Address
      • The Sad News


  • The Religion of Islam
      • Religion
      • History of Religion
      • Purpose of Religion
      • Importance of Religion
      • Need for Islam
      • Original Religion
      • Obedience and Peace
      • Islam’s Five Pillars
      • Belief and Action
      • Complete Way of Life
  • The Beliefs of Islam
      • Belief in Almighty Allah
      • Belief in the Angels
      • Belief in the Books of Almighty Allah
      • Belief in the Prophets of Almighty Allah
      • Belief in the Hereafter (Akhirah)
      • Belief in Destiny
      • Some Definitions
  • The Islamic Law (Shari’ah)
      • Where does Shari’ah come from?
      • The Four well-known Compilers of Shari’ah
  • Where can we find the Sunnah?
      • The Social System of Islam
      • Family
      • Marriage
      • Rights of Parents
      • Rights of Children
      • Rights of Relatives
      • Rights of Neighbours
      • Status of Women
      • Masjid (The Mosque)
  • The Economic System of Islam
      • Financial Help from a Muslim
      • Government
  • The Political System of Islam
      • Judicial Process
  • Principles of Halal and Haram
      • Diet
      • Clothing and Appearance


  • Stories of Some Prophets
      • Prophet Adam [as]
      • Prophet Ibrahim [as]
      • Prophet Yusuf las]
      • Prophet Musa [as]
      • Prophet ‘Isa [as]
  • The Rightly Guided Caliphs
      • Abu Bakr al-Siddiq [ra]
      • ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab [ra]
      • ‘Uthman ibn
      • ‘Affan [ral
      • ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib [ra]

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