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Islam The Religion Ultimate


The Deobandi scholars take undue advantage of the ignorance of the Muslim commoners who do not know much about their religion. Common Muslims are unable to grasp the books of fatwa nor have a command over the Arabic grammar to understand the meanings of the Holy Qur’an.

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Islam The Religion Ultimate – About the Author

In the Name of Allah, the Most Benevolent, the Merciful

Glory is to Allah, the Almighty; His Peace and Blessings are on the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa auspicious Darood be on the venerated members of the Prophet’s Household and on all his just and devoted companions.

I was working on Allama Muhammad Yusuf bin lsmail Nabhani’s book on the merits of Ahl-e-Bait , when I received an e-mail from my brother in faith Salim Muhammad Barakati Noori from Preston (UK) urging that I should write or compile a book in English for those who are engaged in service to Muslims in U.K. His reason for this project is that most of our ignorant Muslims abroad are carried away by wilful propaganda of the Wahhabi and Deobandi schools of thought through their misguiding literature. Books like Tablighi Nisab and Bahishti Zevar are widely circulated among Muslims with a deliberate attempt to present before them the distorted image of Islamic faith. The ill-willed and short sighted people from the Deobandi, Wahhabi, Tablighi and Jamat-e-Islami schools of thought have attacked Islam’s useful, bountiful and luminous way; tried to blemish the scholars of the Ahl-e-Sunnah. The polluted literature from the above schools of thought consisted of contents that go against the very spirit of faith. The writers of these schools are very much fond of degrading the Holy Prophet, most of the time questioning his Knowledge of unseen, his miracles and his authorities and powers. They are misguiding the common Muslim masses against the Awliya, celebrations of Milad and observance of death anniversaries of great men of the past like Hazrat Imam Husain, Hazrat Ghaus-e-A’zam 6, Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, etc.

The Deobandi scholars take undue advantage of the ignorance of the Muslim commoners who do not know much about their religion. Common Muslims are unable to grasp the books of fatwa nor have a command over the Arabic grammar to understand the meanings of the Holy Qur’an.


Islam: The Religion Ultimate
What is Islam?
Islam, the Natural Religion:
The Five pillars of Islam:
The declaration of Faith:
Concept of God in Islam:
Tawhid – The Oneness of Allah
Definition of Iman in the light of the Quran
Loyalty to Allah useless without love for The Prophet
Definition of Real Iman:
Mere Kalimah Recitation Not Sufficient
Disrespect Those Who Disrespect the Prophet
1 – Peace with God:
2 – Peace with Man:
3 – Peace with other people and other religions
4 – Peace in the Arabian Peninsula:
5 – Peace with lower animals:
6 – Peace by War
Islamic Jihad:
He to Whom the Qur’an was Revealed

The Holy Prophet’s Personality and Character Birth:


Hazrat Muhammad’s Nurses:


Meditation at Mount Hira:

The True Vision:

The Beginning of Revelation (610 CE):

Conversion of Khadijah:

Conversion of Abu Bakr:

Open Proclamation of Islam:

Hazrat Muhammad’s Attack against the idols:

The Conversion of Hamzah:

Emigration to Abyssinia:

The Conversion of Umar bin-Khattab

Death of Abu Talib and Khadijah:

Al-Isra (621 CE):

Was Al-Isra in Body or in Soul?

The story of al-Isra as described by the Holy Prophet himself:

The Muslims Emigrate to Medinah:

Al Hijrah:

Hazrat Muhammad’s Entry into Medinah:

The Covenant of Medina:

Hazrat Muhammad’s Marriage to Ayesha

The Medinian Life at a Glance:

First Year of Hijrah/ 622 AD:

Second Year of Hijrah /623 AD:

Third Year of Hijrah /624 AD:

Fourth Year of Hijra /625 AD:

Fifth Year of Hijra /626 AD:

Sixth Year of Hijrah /627 AD:

Seventh Year of Hijrah /628 AD:

Eighth Year of Hijrah /629 AD:

Ninth Year of Hijrah /630 AD:

Tenth Year of Hijrah /631 AD:

Eleventh Year of Hijrah /632 AD:

The Holy Prophets Wives:

The Prophets Uncles:

The Holy Prophets Aunts:

The Holy Prophets Sons:

The Holy Prophets Daughters:

The Blessed Ten:

The Battles of the Prophets

The Prerequisites of Faith:

1 – The Faith in Allah the Almighty

Faith in the Attributes of Allah

2 – Faith in Prophethood

Prophets were all men:

Prophets are innocent:

Prophets convey all they receive:

Prophets have the Knowledge of the Unseen:

The Prominent Prophets of Allah

How Many Prophets?

The Rankings of Prophets:

The Miracles of the Prophets:

The Miracles of Prophet Mohammad

The Death of the Prophets:

4 – Faith in the Angels:

4 – Faith in The Books of Allah

The Quran – The Last Testament

The Originality and Preservation of the Quran

5 – Faith in the Doomsday:

A – The Khasaf:

B – Disappearance of Knowledge:

C – Sexual Depravity:

D – False Prophets:

E – Abundance of Wealth:

F – Adherence to Islam:

G – Time Will Pass Very Quickly:

The Major Signs of The Hour:

A – Emergence of Dajjal:

B – The Emergence of Imam Mehdi

C – The Emergence of Yajooj and Majooj:

D – The Appearance of the Dabbat-ul-Ard:

E – The Sun Rises in the West

F – The Blowing of a Perfumed and Refreshing Wind:

The Blowing of the Trumpet:

6 – Faith in the Day of Resurrection

New Order of Things in the Next World:

Resurrection, Physical or Spiritual?

The Events of the Day of Judgement:

The Final Judgment:

Faith in the Concept of Intercession

The Great Intercession of Hazrat Muhammad

Trial and Judgment

The Book of Deeds:

Significance of the Balance:

The Great Path or the Bridge of Surat:

The Banner of Paradise:


The Haudh-e-Kauther:

Faith in Paradise:

Faith in Hell:

The Islamic Duties:

1 – Salat (Five-time prayers)

Objects of Islamic Prayer

A – Direct Objects of Prayer:

B – Indirect Objects:

Some Movements in Namaz:

Time’s of Namaz:

Azan (The Prayer Call)

Mode of Prayer:

Number of Prayers:

How to Pray:

Prohibited times of Salah:

The Sunnat prayers are mainly divided into two classes:

Zakat (Charity)

Saum (Fasting)

Compulsory Fast:

Expiatory Fast:

Compensatory Fast:

Procedure of Fast:

Sunnats of Fast:

Fardh Duties in Fast:

Haj / Pilgrimage:

Chief Objectives of the Haj:

1 – Haj-e-Quran

2 – Haj-e-Tamattu

3 – Haj-e-Ifrad

The Quran and Determinism:

Scientific Determinism

The Quranic Notion of the Perfect Man

Islam’s Tirade Against Major Social Evils:

The Wisdom of Prohibition of Alcohol and Gambling in Islam:

The Quran on Self-Discipline

The Firqas:

The Qadiyanis:

The Rafzis (Shiites):

The Wahhabis:

Ahle Quran (Hadith Rejectors)

Their Methodology


The Significance of Invocation

The Manners of Invocation:

Opportune Moments in Which Duas are Accepted

Places Where Duas are Accepted:

Persons whose Duas are Accepted with certainty

Duas to be recited in the morning and evening:

Dikr and Duas for the Night:


Question and Answers by Sunni Scholars

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