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Madani Treasure of Blessings (Panj Surah) (English / Arabic Hardback)


This is the English translation of the best selling and world renowned Madani Panj Surah.

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Details:  Madani Treasure of Blessings – (Madani Panj Surah in English).
[A5] Hardback – 443  pages.
by Mawlana Ilyas Qadri Attar.
Published by Maktabat-ul-Madina,
Dawate Islami, Karachi.

Complete English Translation.

This is the English translation of the best selling and world renowned Madani Panj Surah.

From the translators Notes:

Dawate Islami’s Majlis-e-Tarajim, a department responsible for reproducing books and booklets of Ameer-e-Ahle Sunnat, the founder of Dawate Islami Shaykh Allamah Mawlana Abu Bilal Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadiri al-Razavi into various languages of the world, is pleased to present the book ‘Madani Panj Surah‘ in English under the title of ‘Madani Treasure of Blessings.’

Whats Inside :

—Du’a for Reading the Book,
—Transliteration Chart,

Complete Contents :

—Translator’s Notes,
—Basis and Preconditions for Spiritual Treatments & Exercises,
—Du’a of Attar.

19 Intentions for Reading This Book,
—The Turban – Imama and Science.

Blessings of بسم للہ Bismillah,
—Endeavours Go Unfinished,
—13 Madani Pearls Regarding بسم  للہ الرّحمٰن الرّحیم
—For Security of the Home,
—Spiritual Cure for nosebleeds -Epistaxis,
—Spiritual Cure from iIlness,
—Seven Madani Pearls,

Blessngs of Recitation of the Holy Qur’an
—The Last Three Verses of Surah al Hashr,
—Three Virtues of Reciting the Last Verses of Surah al-Baqarah,
—Excellences of Ayat ul Kursi,
—Five Blessings of Ayat-ul-Kursi,
—5 Invocations to be Recited When Going to Sleep,
—Four Excellences of Surah al-Fatihah,
—Surah al Fatihah,
—16 Excellences of Surah Yasin,
—Surah Yasin,
—Translation of Surah Yasin from Kanz-ul-Iman,
—4 Excellences of Surah Kahaf,
—Surah Kahaf,
—Translation of Surah Kahaf from Kanz-ul-Iman,
—3 Excellences of Surah al-Fath,
—Surah al-Fath,
—Translation of surah Fath from Kanz-ul-Iman,
—One way of attaining the light of faith in the heart,
—Madani pearl,
—Surah Dukhan,
—Translation of Surah Dukhan from Kanz-ul-Iman,
—Excellences of Surah al-Mulk,
—Surah al-Mulk,
—Translation of Surah Mulk from Kanz-ul-Iman,
—Excellences of surah Ar-Rahman,
—Surah Ar-Rahman,
—Translation of Surah Ar-Rahman from Kanz-ul-Iman,
—One Reason for -Provision- Sustenance,
—Surah Waqiah,
—Translation of Surah Waqiah from Kanz-ul-Iman,
—Surah Sajdah,
—Translation of Surah Sajdah from Kanz-ul-Iman,
—Kind Conduct with the Ahl-ul-Bayt,
—Surah Muzzammil,
—Translation of Surah Muzzammil from Kanz-ul-Iman,
—The Grand status of Scholars,
—Excellences of Surah Kafirun,
—Surah Kafirun,
—Translation of Surah Kafirun from Kanz-ul-Iman,
—Surah Al-Ikhlas,
—Translation of Surah Al-Ikhlas from Kanz-ul-Iman,
—Surah al-Falaq,
—Surah an-Nas,
—Last Verses of Surah Al-Bakarah,
—Translation of the Last Verses of Surah Al-Bakarah from Kanz-ul-Iman,
—The final Verses of Surah al-Hashr,
—Excellences of Ayat-ul-Kursi,
—I am the worst person,

Blessings of Zikrullah – Remembrance of Allah
—Iman-e-Mujmal -Concise Faith,
—Third Kalimah : Glory of Allah,
—Fifth Kalimah : Repentance,
—5 Excellences of invoking Istighfar – Seeking Forgivness,
—Glad Tidings!
—5 Excellences of Kalimah Tayyibah – Sanctity,
—The portal of the Open Skies,
—The Reward of Donating a Mountain of Gold,
—Medicine for 99 Ailments,
—5 Invocations for Morning and Evening,
—3 Excellences of Kalimah Tawhid – Oneness of Allah,
—4 Invocations for passing Away with Iman – Faith,
—Forgiveness of Sins,
—An Invocation that Secures One from Shaytan,
—5 Madani Pearls,
—6 Guards for Protection from Magic and Afflictions,
—First Guard,
—Second Guard,
—Third Guard,
—Fourth Guard,
—Fifth Guard,
—Sixth Guard,
—Reward of Reciting 4 Entire Quran in just a few Minutes,
—Invocation for remaining Secure AGAINST from shaytan,

Excellence of Salat-Alan-Nabi
—30 Madani pearls Regarding Salat-Alan-Nabi,
—A Gift for the One Years for the Vision,
—Forgiveness and Exoneration,
—The Salat-Alan-Nabi for the Night Preceding Friday,
—All sins Forgiven,
—The Reward of 600,000 Salawat-Alan-Nabi,
—Salat al-Razaviyyah,
—Salat of Shafaah – Intercession,
—The Reward of 14,000 Salawat-Alan-Nabi,
—For Relief All Types of Worries,
—8 Madani Pearls Regarding Salawat al-Taj – Darud-e-Taj,
—Salawat al-Taj : Darud-e-Taj,
—A Faith Reviving Incident Regarding (Darood) Salawat al-Tunajjina,
—Salawat al-Tunajjina,
—A Narration Related to Salawat al-Mahi Regarding a Fish,
—Salawat al-Mahi.

Excellence of Du’a – Supplication
—Du’a Averts Calamity,
—5 Madani Pearls,
—What Sin have I Committed?
—If we Don’t Listen to Our Friend,
—A Cause for Delay in Fulfilment of Du’a,
—A Parable,
—Visiting the Worldly Leaders and Officers Again and Again But…
—Delay in Fulfilment of Du’a is a Benevolence,
—Relief from Sciatica Pain,
—17 Madani Pearls of Performing Supplication,
—Qur’anic Du’as,
—49 Du’as Bearing Virtues for Woldly Life and Afterlife,
—Du’a Before Entering the Toilet,
—Du’a When Exiting the Home,
—Du’a to be Asked after Eating,
—Du’a to be Asked Upon Beholding a Muslim Smiling,
—Du’a for when One Suffers Anger,
—Du’a to be Invoked upon Seeing Someone Afflicted,
—Du’a to be Invoked upon Hearing the Crowing of a Rooster,
—Du’a to be Recited at the Time of a Storm,
—Raising Profit & Averting Loss in Trading,
—Du’a at the Time of Iftar – Breaking the Fast at Sunset-
—Two Du’as for the Occasion of Wearing New Clothes,
—Du’a for Applying Oil,
—Du’a for the Aqiqah of Girl,
—Du’a to be Recited When the Thought of Any Superstition Invokes in the Heart,
—Recite This When Afflicted by the Evil Eye,
—Du’a to Remain Protected from Poisonous Creatures,
—Du’a to be Recited When in Danger from Any Tribe,
—Du’a to Seek Refuge from Disbelief and Destitution,
—Du’a to be Recited When Expressing Condolence,
—Madani Pearl,
—Du’as to be Recited after Fard Salah,
—Ahad Namah – Ritual Affidavit,
—That Ritual Affidavit is as follows,

Blessings of Awrad – Litanies
—A Ritual to Treat Animal Bite,
—For Strengthening the Memory,
—Leprosy and Jaundice,
—Security from Burglary,
—To Cease Snowfall,
—Poison Will Not Affect,
—For Refuge From the Evil of Oppressors and Shaytan,
—The Du’a of Sayyiduna Anas,
—SharI Definition of Morning & Evening,
—For Protection of Eyesight,
—Cure for Disturbed Navel – Umbilical Problem,
—Blisters / Pimples,
—If the Baby Becomes tilted in the Womb,
—For Vomiting, Pain and Abdominal Pain,
—Prevention of Blindness & Eye Infection,
—Remedy for Diabetes,
—99 Holy Names of Allah and Their Excellences,
—Qasidah Ghausiyyah,
—Excellence of the sacred Qasidah Ghausiyyah,
—Drops of Mercy showered on Me,

Blessings of Nawafil -Supererogatory Salah
—Majestic balconies in Jannah for those who offer Tahajjud,
—Accounts of Pious Men And Women,
—Sound like the buzzing of Honeybees,
—Astonishing way of waking for Worship,
—The Woman who became Blind due to Excessive Weeping,
—The Woman who would stay hungry in the Remembrance of Death,
—The Excellence of Salat-ud-Duha – Chasht,
—Istikharah – Seeking Goodness from Allah,
—The Surahs to be Recited in Salat-ul-Istikharah,
—The Excellence of Salat-ul-Awwabin,
—Blind man regained Eyesight,
—Salah during Eclipse,
—Salat-ul-Taubah – Salah for Respentance,
—The Reward of Offering 2 Rakat of Nafl after Salat-ul-Isha,

Blessings of Observing Fasts
—Narrations Regarding Excellence of Nafl Fasts,
—Fifty Years distance away from Hell,
—The Best Deed,
—Bones Invoke Tasbih,
—Faith-Reviving Death of Uncle Kalu,
—The Reward of Observing 3 Fasts Every Month,
—5 Narrations about Fasting on Monday and Thursday,
—Definition of Malice,
—Three Virtues of observing Fasts on Wednesday and Thursday,
—3 Excellences of Fasting on Thursday and Friday,
—5 Excellences of observing Fast on Friday,
—3 Narrations prohibiting Fasting on Friday Exclusively,
—2 Narrations Regarding the Excellence of observing Fasts on Saturday & Sunday,
—12 Madani Pearls about Nafli Fasts,

Holy Months
—The Best Fasts other than Ramadan,
—Blessing of Spending on Family on the Day of Ashurah,
—Blessing of Donating Charity on Ashurah,
—Nafl Salah of the Night of Ashurah,
—Du’a of Ashurah,
—The Dawn of Blessings,
—Night Superior to Laila-tul-Qadr,
—Reward of Celebrating the Blessed Birth,
—Excellence of fasting on the 27th Rajab,
—Nights Bearing Virtues,
—Du’a for Mid-Shaban,
— Lighting Candles on Graves,
—Fireworks are Haram,
—The Palace with a Gate of Gold,
—I was an Artist,
—Five Special Blessings,
—Expiation for Minor Sins,
—Sixty Thousand Forgiven Every Night,
—One Million Sinners Freed from Hell Every Day,
—Spend More,
—As if you had fasted the entire Year,
—As Excellent as Laylat-ul-Qadr,
—Recovery from Jaundice,
—Better than One Years Worship.

Collection of Various Madani Pearls
—Can every use the Remedies mentioned in the Ahadith?
—Mistakes Highlighted,
—Extremely useful Madani Pearls,
—16 Domestic Cures and Useful Madani Pearls,
—Methods to Get Rid of Snakes- Scorpions- Leeches and Ants,
—15 Precautions & Cures during Pregnancy Period,
—16 Madani Pearls for Caring the Infants,
—05 Madani Cures for Fever,
—05 Madani Cures for partial headaches,
—07 Madani Cures for headaches,
—Madani Word of Advice,
—02 Madani Cures for Indigestion,
—Medical Cures for Constipation,
—Cures for Bad Breath.

Blessings of Conveyancing Thawaab (Reward)
—Secure from hypocrasy and Fire (Hell),
—Sawaab of an accepted Hajj,
—Reward of Ten Hajj,
—Charity on Behalf of Parents,
—An easy way of earning Billions of Good Deeds,
—Method of Isaale Sawaab,
—Method of Supplication for Donating Sawaab,
—Method of Visiting the Shrines,
—Dates (Anniversaries) of the Saints of Islam.



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