Message of the Holy Quran


Message of the Holy Quran is based on some of the important points listed in the Holy Quran, the author has taken some of the important points and explained them briefly. The book does not go into the points too deeply making it a perfect book for learning about important aspects of the Quran in a brief manner.

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Details: Message of the Holy Quran
Paperback – 110 pages,
by Dr. Ghulam Zarquani

Description :


It is Allah, the Exalted, Who has guided me to serve His religion and its followers through the compilation of easily understandable books based on authentic sources, especially for those who were born in a land, which is very far from our Islamic cultures and traditions. Of course, I do not expect that this book will add any new information to our valuable and rich Islamic library. However, I do think that it will at least encourage our new generation to come back towards the primary base of Islam; the Holy Quran, through taking an interest in it.

Eyeing on the short format of this book, I willingly did not want my readers to get deeply involved into the topics. That is why, only some selective supporting evidences for related topics were being placed in order to catch a beautiful glimpse of the noble teachings of the Holy Quran. I am grateful to Mrs. Hajira Yasmin, an educationalist and High School teacher, for going through the manuscript and making useful suggestions. I also thank Mr. Salman’s family for composing the English portion of it. May Allah, the Exalted accept it and give me His best reward.


Table of Contents :

—Chapter [1]: Introduction of The Quran,
——Basic Aim,
——Explanation of everything ,
——Original Revelation,
——Way of Reverence,
——Way of Recitation,
——Following the Quran.

—Chapter [2]: Concept of Almighty Allah,
——Allah is one,
——Creator of everything,
——Association with Him.

—Chapter [3]: Concept of Messengers,
——Prophet of every nation,
——Following them,
——Messengers are innocent,
——Believing in all,
——Superior Creation,

—Chapter [4]: Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him),
——Prophet for everyone,
——Last Prophet,
——Revering him,
——Knowledge of the Unseen,
——Power of Observation,
——Isra and Miraj.

—Chapter [5]: Companions of The Prophet,
——Allah is pleased with them,

—Chapter [6]: Mandatory Actions of Islam,
——Juma Prayer,
——Poor Due (Zakah),
——Pilgrimage (Hajj).

—Chapter [7]: Social Responsibility,
——With Parents,
——With Muslims,
——With the Orphans and Neighbours,
——With the Poor, Relatives and Servants.

—Chapter [8]: Moral Values,
——Way of Addressing,
——Keeping the Promise,

—Chapter [9]: Bad Conduct,
——Boasting and Arrogance,
——Mischievious Conjecture,

—Chapter [10]: Crimes,
——Killing of Innocent,
——Stealing and Cheating,
——Illegal Relationship,
——Agression and Violence.

—Chapter [11]: Concept of War,
——Peace is preferred,
——Right of Self-defence,
——Fighting with unjust.

—Chapter [12]: Importance of Preaching,
——Collective Responsibility,
——Adopt a Good Way,
——Glad Tiding for Preachers.

—Chapter [13]: Day of Judgement,
——A Secret Matter,
——Handling with Just,
——No Replacement.

—Chapter [14]: Concept of Men and Women,
——Same Reward,
——Men are Responsible,
——Shares of Inheritance.

—Chapter [15]: Concept of Supplication,
——Invitation of Supplication,
——Allah listens to us,
——Allah helps us,
——Way of Making Dua.

—Chapter [16]: Education and Science,
——Importance of Education,
——Invitation of Research,
——World is subservient,
——Lack of Oxygen,
——Flesh is sensitive,
——Animals are important.

[Printed in India sub continent standard].

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