Method of Purifying Clothes (English Paperback)


Method of Purifying Clothes – The first English translation of the important book ‘Kapray pak kernay ka tariqah (ma’ najasaton ka bayan).’

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Details:  Method of Purifying Clothes, with an Account of Impurities,
* [A6] Paperback Booklet – 39 pages,
by Mawlana Ilyas Attar al-Qadiri,
English translation by Majlis-e-Tarajim,
Published by Dawat e Islam, Karachi.


The first English translation of the important book ‘Kapray pak kernay ka tariqah (ma’ najasaton ka bayan).’

Contains references from authentic books of fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence).

Table of Contents:

—Transliteration Chart,
Du’ā for Reading the Book.

Method of Purifying Clothes,
—Excellence of Salāt-‘Alan-Nabī,
—Types of impurity,
Najāsat-e-Ghalīaĥ (intense impurity),
—Urine of suckling infants is impure,
—Ruling on Najāsat-e-Ghalīaĥ,
—Explanation of quantity of dirham,
Najāsat-e-Khafīfaĥ (light impurity),
—Ruling on Najāsat-e-Khafīfaĥ,
—Ruling on cud,
—Ruling on gallbladder,
—The vomit of animals,
—If impurity drops into milk or water,
—How to purify wall, land, tree etc.?
—Method of cleansing blood-stained land,
—Piece of land plastered with dung,
—Birds whose droppings are pure,
—Blood of fish is pure,
—Small splashes of urine,
—Remains of blood in meat,
—Dried bones of animals,
—Milk of Harām (forbidden) animals,
—Flies sitting on impurity,
—Rulings on rainy water,
—Stagnant rainwater in streets,
—Splashes of water sprinkled on roads,
—Perspiration after purity with clods,
—If dog touches one’s body,
—What if a dog puts its mouth into flour?
—What if a dog puts its mouth into a pot?
—What if a cat puts its mouth into water?
—Tragic death of three girls,
—Perspiration of animals,
—Donkey’s perspiration is pure,
—Drinking water with bleeding mouth,
—Secretion from female urinary organ,
—Rotten meat,
—Blood-contained within a bottle,
—Water from the mouth of corpse,
—Impure bedding,
—Wet trousers,
—Piece of human skin,
—Dried dung,
—Impure water sprinkled on griddle,
—How to purify the meat and the skin of Harām animal?
—Seating on goat skin develops humility,
—How to wash a cloth soiled with thick and dense impurity?
—What if the colour of impurity remains on the cloth?
—6 Madanī pearls for purifying cloth soiled with light impurity,
—‘Squeezing’ is not a condition when washing cloth under tap,
—‘Squeezing’ is not a condition when washing in running water,
—Regarding washing pure and impure clothes together,
—Easy method to purify impure clothes,
—Method of purifying clothes in a washing machine,
—Method of purifying clothes under tap,
—How to purify an impure carpet?
—How to purify the hands coloured with impure henna?
—Regarding washing impure oil-stained cloth?
—If a small part of clothing becomes impure,
—Is it permissible to wash clothes with milk?
—6 Rulings for purifying clothes stained with semen,
—When is it Wājib (obligatory) to inform someone about his impure clothing?
—Method of purifying cotton wool,
—Method of purifying utensils and pots,
—Method of purifying knives, etc,
—Method of purifying a mirror,
—Method of purifying shoes,
—Used and worn sweaters (& other clothing) etc, of non-Muslims.
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