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Some saints stated: Anyone who remains in the state of Wudu at all times will be rewarded with seven bounties by Allah The almighty

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In this book by Dawat-e-Islami “The Method of Wudu” you will find :

  • Stories of sins being erased,
  • Method of Wudhu (Hanafi),
  • Attention to all ‘Paan‘ eaters,
  • A tip to avoid calamities,
  • Q. Do injections nullify wudhu ?
  • Will never suffer from weak eyesight!
    and more !

Fourteen Sunan of Wudhu

Some Sunan and Mustahab acts have already been mentioned under the heading “Method of Wudu (hanafi).”

  1. Making Intention (niyyah),
  2. Reading ”Bismillah” ! If ‘‘Bismillahi w ‘al-Hamdulilahi’‘ - is read before making Wudhu, angels will write good deeds for him as long as one is in the state of Wudhu. (Majma’-uz-Zawaid, Vol-1, P513, 1112, Dar-ul-Fikr, Beirut)
  3. Washing both hands up to the wrists three times,
  4. Using Miswak three times,
  5. Rinsing the mouth three times using three handfuls of water,
  6. Gargling, if not in fasting,
  7. Sniffing water into the nose three times using three half handfuls of water,
  8. Doing Khilal of beard (when not in the state of Ihram).
  9. Khilal of the hand fingers,
  10. Doing Khilal of foot toes,
  11. Moistening the whole head only once,
  12. Moistening the ears,
  13. Maintaining the order of the Faraiz (i.e. washing the face first, then the arms, then wiping the head and then washing the feet),
  14. Washing a part before the previously washed one dries,

(Durr-e-Mukhtar ma’ Rad-d ul-Muhtar, Vol-1, P235 Fatawa-e-‘Alamgiri, Vol-1, P6).

“Anyone who dies in the state of Wudu is a martyr”
The Prophet Muhammed said to Sayyiduna Anas, ‘Son! If you have the capability to remain in [the state of] Wudu at all times, then do so, because martyrdom is recorded for anyone who is in [the state of] Wudu when his soul is removed by the angel of death.’


Table of Contents

  • Method of Wudu (Hanafi),
  • Excellence of Salat-‘Alan-Nabi ﷺ
  • ‘Usman-e-Ghani’s love for Glorious Nabi ﷺ
  • Story about sins being eradicated
  • No reward for Wudu
  • Whole body becomes pure
  • Virtue of sleeping with Wudu
  • Anyone who dies in the state of Wudu is a martyr
  • Tip for avoiding problems
  • Seven benefits of remaining in Wudu at all times
  • Double reward
  • Story about doing Wudu in the cold
  • Method of Wudu (Hanafi)
  • Cure for 70 ailments in leftover Wudu water
  • All eight portals of Paradise open
  • Eyesight never weakens
  • Virtues of reciting Surah Al-Qadr 3 times after Wudu
  • Du’a to be recited after Wudu
  • Four Faraaid of Wudu
  • Definition of ‘washing’
  • Fourteen Sunnahs of Wudu
  • Twenty-nine Mustahabbat (desirables) of Wudu
  • Sixteen disliked acts (Makruhaat) in Wudu
  • Clarification regarding sun-heated water
  • An important ruling about used water
  • Wudu with muddy water
  • Attention Paan (betel leaves) eaters!
  • A great Madani advice of Tasawwuf (Sufism)
  • Five rulings regarding bleeding from a wound
  • Skin cracks due to intense cold
  • Ruling on Wudu in case of using henna and kohl
  • Do injections nullify Wudu?
  • Tears of an ailing eye
  • Pure and impure fluid
  • Blisters and pimples
  • When does vomiting nullify one’s Wudu?
  • Rulings about laughing
  • Does looking at someone’s private area nullify Wudu?
  • Wudu during Ghusl is sufficient
  • Blood in saliva
  • Five rulings about uncertainty in Wudu
  • Sleeping positions that do or don’t nullify Wudu
  • The sleep and Wudu of the Holy Ambiya
  • Masjid Wudu areas
  • Build a Wudu facility inside your home
  • Construction plan for a Wudu area
  • Nine Madani pearls of a Wudu area
  • Six rulings for anyone who cannot retain his Wudu
  • Seven different verdicts
  • Important verdict about touching a paper with an Ayah on the other side
  • Touching the Glorious Quran from anywhere is not permissible without Wudu
  • Wastage of water in Wudu
    • Wastage at a stream
    • Fatwa of A’la Hadrat
    • Mufti Ahmad Yar Khan’s commentary
    • Don’t waste water.
    • Wastage is satanic deed
    • Asking for a white palace in Heaven?
  • Evil and injustice Practically learn Wudu
  • Wasting Masjid and Madrasah water
  • Seven guidelines by A’la Hadrat to avoid wastage
  • Fourteen Madani pearls to avoid wastage of water
  • A bouquet of 40 Madani pearls

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