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Spiritual Ethics for the Mureeds – (English)


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Book Title: Spiritual Ethics for the Mureeds
Author: Abul-Fadl Shamsudin Sayyid
Translated By: Professor Dr. Sayyid Muhammad Amin Mia al-Husaini Barkäti (MA, PhD)
Edition: 1st
Publisher: Imam Ahmed Raza Academy
Published: 2016

Format: [A5+] Paperback
Pages: 64
Length: 210mm
Width: 140mm
Depth: 6mm
Weight: 104g

This book, Adab as-Salikin, was compiled by one of the greatest Awliya of the eleventh century Hijri. He was Ghawth al-Waqt
Abul-Fadl Shamsudin Sayyid Ale-Ahmad Ach’che-Mia Husaini al-Qadiri Barkâti.

He wrote this mystical thesis in the Persian (Farsi) language. It was first translated to Urdu in 1935 and published by Taj al-Ulama ‘”Allama Sayyid Awlad-e-Rasul Muhammad Mia Oadiri
Barkati. Taj al-Ulama was a great Sufi and Alim. His translation was only fit for the Ulama fraternity and was not easy for the general public to understand. Therefore, it was necessary to simplify it so that everyone could understand and benefit from it. This enormous task was undertaken by Professor Dr. Sayyid Muhammad Amin Mia al-Husaini Barkäti (MA, PhD), presently a lecturer of Urdu at the famous Aligarh Muslim University in UP. India and also the Sajjadah Nasheen of the noble Barkati Khangah at Marehrah Sharif.

Though the Urdu translation was simplified, it was again limited only to those who could read and understand this rich language. The other language commonly understood internationally is English. Although this is a very poor language to correctly explain the in-depth meanings of the wisdom of Tasawwut, it is the only alternative for English-speaking Muslims. Before embarking on this tremendous task of translating, I made Du a to Almighty Allah a and offered the Fateha to the sacred soul of the author, Ghawth al-Wagt Sayyidi Abul-Fadal Ale-Ahmad Ach’che Mia 4. By the blessings of this Fateha, I gained the Masters approval and assistance to undertake this English translation.

Alhamdulillah, the Mercy of the Almighty Allah a and the blessings of the spiritual Masters guided me throughout the translation. I undertook this enormous task to the best of my limited capacity and hereby present it to the murids of Suluk all those interested in Sufism. I hope they that will read and benefit from it. If there are any mistakes or shortcomings in the translation, please bring these to my attention. I will be very much obliged to rectify them. May the Almighty Allah & and all my Spiritual Masters accept this humble endeavour. Amin.

Table of Contents

  • Dedication
  • Preface
  • Brief life sketch of the Author
  • Chapter One
  • First Ethic
  • Second Ethic
  • Third Ethic
  • Fourth Ethic
  • Fifth Ethic
  • Sixth Ethic
  • Seventh Ethic
  • Eighth Ethic
  • Ninth Ethic
  • Tenth Ethic
  • Eleventh Ethic
  • Twelfth Ethic
  • Fana
  • First Fana
  • Second fana
  • Third Fana
  • Chapter Two
  • Ethics of Dhikr
  • Chapter Three
  • Benefit of Dhikr
  • Risala ‘Amal Ma’mul
  • List of our Publications

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