The Inquest refuting the Fabrication


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Title: The Inquest refuting the Fabrication
Format: [A5] Paperback
Type: Book
Author: Sadr al-Afadil Moulana Sayyid Na’im al-Din Moradabadi
Publisher: Sufi Pages
Published Year: 2016
Edition: 1st
Language: [English]
ISBN: 9780994681164
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The Inquest refuting the Fabrication – Description

One of the most outstanding exponents and defender of Islamic orthodoxy, the reviver of Islam, Al-Imam Ahmad Rida al-Qadiri, the grand Muhaddith and and Faqih of Bareilly (1856-1921) penned an invaluable work [190SAD] entitled Husam al Haramayn ala Munhir kufr wa al-ma’ian’ (The sword of the two sanctuaries]. In this book the Imam a gathered all the blasphemous statements and accumulated them in his Fatawa which he presented to the illustrious scholars of the Haramayn al-Sharifayn.

This volume is a monumental work containing the thirty-three  Ulamas verdicts (20 Meccan and 13 Medinite Ulama). All of them gave their verdicts based on the consensus, that all popular factions were tantamount to apostasy; all of them condemned in unequivocal terms blasphemy. They also exhorted those at the helm of affairs of the Islamic state to indict and punish them according to the Shar’ah law. If these heretics do not resort to repentance after imprisonment, the head of the state must order their execution. This is mandatory obligation of the rulers to kill the apostates. Here one may refer to the opinion of a teacher in the illustrious Haram al-Sharif Professor of Traditional Sciences, Mawlana Shaykh Sayyid Asad, son of Shaykh Sayyid Ahmad Dahlan ShafaT a about the author of Husam al-Haramayn. According to him, Imam Ahmad Raza is the phoenix of time and epitome of day and night.

Some years later after the demise of the great Imam Ahmad Rida, the deo-bandi’s wanted to re-float their discredited sunken ship, and re-immerse themselves in to the scholarly circles  within the 2 holy sanctuaries. They wrote At-Tasdiqät li Daf’ah at-Talbisat also known as ‘Al-Muhannad’. This book was formulated and published by Molvi Khalil Ahmad

Ambetwi. This is a deceitful work that tries to cover up their blasphemies and portrays themselves as Sunni, forgetting that Imam Ahmad Rida’s a legacy was not just great literary works but he left behind students and great luminaries of the sacres sciences.

This work The inquest refuting the Fabrications’ of Sadr al-Afadil Sayyid Nam al-Din Muradabadi  is an insight in to the blatant lies and fabrications that are contained within Al. Muhannad to cover up their corrupt beliefs. 

The erudite Sadr al-Afadil shows examples of the deo-bandi beliefs and then compares it to what they have presented to the Arab Ulama in Al-Muhannad. This work is a valuable insight in to the deceitfulness of the deo-bandi scholars. 

The reply may seem brief but this is typical of Sadr al-Afadil who doesn’t waste words explaining points. His succinctness is admirable, (May Allah * shower him with mercies and bless us with his knowledge and blessings) 

Muhammad Imtiyaz al-Qadiri Radawi



  1. Dedication
  2. Preface
  3. Introduction
  4. The ‘Sacred’ Wahabi Manual – Kitab at-Tawhid
  5. The ‘Sacred’ Deo-Bandi Manual Taqwiyat al-Iman
  6. The scans of the books
  7. Another Deo-Bandi Fraud
  8. Islamic Inquiry [Istifta]
  9. The Answer
  10. The State of the acknowledgements of the Makkan Ulama
  11. Another great Fraud
  12. The State of the acknowledgements of the Madani Ulama
  13. The statement of Mawlana Shaykh Ahmad b. Muhammad Khayr Shanagizi
  14. The Cunningness of the Wahabiyyah and Disclosure of the Secrets of Al-Talbisat
  15. Question
  16. Answer
  17. List of our Publications


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