Twelve Discourses of Attar Part 1


Twelve Discourses of Attar is a collection of twelve booklets written by Muhammed Ilyas Attar Qadiri Razawi and published by Dawat-e-Islami.

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Twelve Discourses of Attar Part 1

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Attribute Details
Title Twelve Discourses of Attar Part 1
Format [A5] Hardback
Type Book
Publication Date 2010
Edition 1st
Publisher Maktaba-tul-Madinah
Author Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadiri Razawi
Translator Translation Department (Dawat-e-Islami)
Language English
ISBN 9789695793176
Length (mm) 225
Width (mm) 145
Depth (mm) 20
Weight (g) 428
Numbered Pages 228
Total Pages 250
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Book Description

Twelve Discourses of Attar is a collection of twelve booklets written by Muhammed Ilyas Attar Qadiri Razawi and published by Dawat-e-Islami. A list of the collection of booklets that have been combined to form this book are below…

  1. Heedlessness
  2. The Calls of The River
  3. Cure for Sins
  4. The Devasations of Music
  5. The Death of Abu Jahl
  6. The Four Donkeys of Satan
  7. The Respect of a Muslim
  8. Deserted Palace
  9. Test of the Grave
  10. The Helplessness of the Deceased
  11. The Test of Judgement Day
  12. The Fear of Bridge Sirat

The above booklets have been combined into this book.


Table of Contents

Translators’ Notes …………………………………………………………………………………………….. XIII

Transliteration Chart ………………………………………………………………………………………….. XV



Virtues of Durūd [Blessings on the Prophet ﷺ] 

A Brick of Gold 

Causes of Heedlessness

Futile Pleas of the Dead 

A Strange Guilt 

Entering Hell in Tears 

What if one Looses Faith [Imān]?

Three Messengers of Death

Illness is also a Messenger of Death

Name Inscribed on the Portal of Hell 

Eyes Filled with Fire

Nails Hammered into the Eyes and Ears

Who Must One Veil Himself from?

Make up for the Ṣalāĥ 

Marvel of Dawat-e-Islami 

Body of Muḥammad Iḥsān ‘Aṭṭārī

Martyr of Dawat-e-Islami 


The Calls of the River

A Crown of Pearls 

Allāĥ عَزَّ وَجَلَّ is Watching 

Never Stop Repenting

Will only the Righteous Enter in the Heaven?

Story of a Humble Man 

Story of a Shameful Man 

Repentance is to Feel Ashamed 

The Fasting Thief 

Fasting Every Monday 

Excuse for Forgiveness

Some Muslims will Definitely Enter in the Hell

A Single Bullet

Shoes of Fire 

Is the Lightest Punishment Bearable?

If You Want to Read about Punishments then… 

The Destructive Paths 


Cure for Sins

Signs of Happiness 

A Blessed Deal

Commit Sins But…. 

Do not Eat Allāĥ’s Sustenance 

Leave the Land of Allāĥ (azza wa-jall)

Hide from Allāĥ (azza wa-jall)

Allāĥ (azza wa-jall) is Seeing! 

Who can Answer on the Day of Judgement? 

Psychological Effect 

Ask for Grace for Repentance

Meaning of Repentance 

Method of Repentance 

Three Pillars of Repentance 

Name on the Door of Hell

An Incident 

Repenting for the Delay

Pay Debt even by Selling Possessions 

Harm of Delaying the Payment of Debt

The Nuisance of three Pence

The Šawāb of Charity Daily 

The Parable of A’lā-Ḥaḍrat

Why Delay in Repentance? 

No Grace will be Given 

Who will Perform Ḥajj? 

Death before Friday

Why Delay in Something Virtuous 

Job without Delay

Lame Excuses 

Journey in the Path of Allāĥ (azza wa-jall)

Travelling for Wealth 

Life-Taking Visa 

Īṣāl-e-Šawāb may be Made to the living as well 

Terrible State of the Corpse 

Īmān Taking Visa

Method of Repentance & Renewal of Īmān 

Madanī Advice 

Method of Renewing Nikāḥ

Madanī Pearl 


How to Become Pious


The Devastations of Music

Virtue of Durūd Sharīf 

The Frightening Voice in the Cemetery 


Unfortunate Groom 

Indecent Traditions 

Nails Hammered into the Eyes and Ears 

Tremble with Fear! 

The Nuisance of Disobedience 

Crying when Entering Hell 

The Melodious Singer

Break all Musical Instruments

Who was the World’s First Singer? 

Piles of Dead Bodies 

An Amazing Story

Singing Incites Feelings of Lust 

The Meaning of Laĥw-al-Ḥadīš 

Songs Create Hypocrisy in the Heart 

Satan Rides on the Shoulders of Singers 

Singing Displeases Allāĥ  

Molten Lead in the Ears

Piles of Sins

What should you do if you Hear Music?

Order to Destroy Drums

Those Running Music Shops, Come to Senses!

Horrific News

Blasphemous Couplets 

The Destruction of Faith

How to Renew Your Faith 

Madanī Suggestion 

How to Renew Marriage 

Madanī Pearl



The Death of Abū Jaĥl

The Writer of Durūd was Forgiven 

Writing Instead of Durūd is Ḥarām 

Two Little Warriors

Who were Those Two Young Madanī Boys? 

The Dangling Arm 

Extra Ordinary Spirit 

Abū Jaĥl on the Verge of Death 

The Head of Abū Jaĥl 

The Last Nonsense of Abū Jaĥl 

The Omnipotence of Allāĥ  is Unique 

The Artillery of the Muslim Army

The Artillery of the Disbelievers 

The Secret of their Amazing Spirit 

Divine Help through the Angels 

The Horse of Jibrāīl 

Prayer (Du’ā) is the Weapon of the Believer

A Child’s Desire for Martyrdom

Is it Permissible to Use Things that belong to Small Children?

An Important Rule about Children’s Gifts 


The Four Donkeys of Satan

Excellence of Durūd Sharīf 

What was on the Four Donkeys? 

First Piece of Merchandise: Cruelty 

It’s Not Too Late 

Signs of an Evil Man 

Avoid the Curse of the Oppressed

The Helper of the Oppressed is the Most Powerful 

Punishment Because of a Cat 

All Seven Earths 

Beg for Forgiveness 

Cause of Losing Faith 

Read the Booklet ‘Consequences of Oppression’

Second Piece of Merchandise: Dishonesty

The Vast Meaning of Amānat 

Severe Punishment for Dishonesty 

Betraying Trust when Speaking 

Beware Oh Government Officials 

The Problem with Government Jobs

The Evil of Ḥarām Food 

Voluntary Fasts without Permission

Statement of Kufr 

7 Statements of Kufr 

It is Farḍ upon a Trader to Learn the Rulings of Trade

How should the Rulings of Buying and Selling be learnt? 

A Rule to Remember

The Third Piece of Merchandise: Treachery 

The Deceiver is Cursed

No Entry into Heaven 

Reminding People of Favours is Harmful 

Styles of Giving Money 

Shaykh Shiblī’s Hatred for Treachery 

Imām Bukhārī and the Man who was deceiving a Horse

The Fourth Piece of Merchandise: Jealousy 

Definition of Jealousy

Definition of Jealousy in Simple Words 

Children Advised about Jealousy

Jealousy of Na’at Reciter’s 

Disasters of Ostentation

Please Let Me Read Two Verses to Gain Blessing 

70 Times More Reward for a Hidden Deed 

Humiliation for the Show-off 

Definition of Ghibtaĥ (Envy)

Destruction of Jealousy 

Jealousy and Elections

Crying Due to the Burden of Leadership

Love of Self-Respect

Entrance into Hell without Accountability

What is a Kaĥin? 

Jinn Friends 

Humility Leads to Greatness

17 Cures for Jealousy

At Least Do This

Repent Instantly

Make up for Missed Ṣalāĥ

Fire in the Eyes

Nails Hammered into Eyes and Ears

Imitating Jews

Punishment of Impermissible Fashion

Sayings of the Holy Prophet  regarding Durūd Sharīf


The Respect of a Muslim

Excellence of Durūd Sharīf 

Fake Coin

What does Dawat-e-Islami Want? 

Three Types of People are Deprived of Heaven

Definition of Dayyūš 

Woman Wearing Masculine Clothes is Deprived of Heaven 

Respect of the Elder Brother 

Teach Manners to Your Children

One Reason for Not Having a Madanī Environment at Home 

How shall We Save Our Family Members from Hell?

Respect of Relatives 

Reconcile with Relatives

Excellence of Stroking the Head of an Orphan 

Created from a Crooked Rib

The Excellence of Gentleness towards Wife


Rights of the Husband 

Do not leave the Home of even a Cruel Husband

The Cause of Most Women being in Hell? 

The Rights of Neighbours 

Highest Certificate 

Which Qualities should the Amīr-e-Qāfilaĥ Possess?

Anything Spare should be Given to Someone Else 

You will be Questioned about Your Subordinates

Distribution of Duties 

Offer Your Seat to Somebody Else

Travel with a Madanī Qāfilaĥ

Do not take up too Much Space 

It is Sunnaĥ to Make Space for the Newcomer


Stepping over People

Sitting between Two People 

Don’t Hurt Anyone’s Feelings


52 Beautiful Sunan


Deserted Palace

Warning for All of Us

Trick of the World

Bamboo Hut


Tall Home Demolished! 

Inscription Serving as a Warning 

Started Crying after Seeing a Splendid Home 

The Angel of Death

Imagination of Death

First Night of the Grave

Why Pondering about Death is Important! 

Answer to an Enquiry of Health

Morning in which State 

Best Provisions 

The World will be Destroyed 

Today is the Day of Action

Preparation of the Hereafter in the World


Test of the Grave

Excellence of Durūd Sharīf

Rebuke of the Grave 


Where are My Children?

Frightening Things in the Grave

Can the One Who Fears Allāĥ Commit a Sin?

Call of Deceased’s Neighbours 

Test is Approaching

The One Who Copies is Successful 

Unfortunate Groom Remained Asleep! 

Terrifying Sight of the Grave 

Vision of the Beloved 

Name on the Door of Hell 

Black Scorpions 

Sunnaĥ of Tresses 

Narration of the Turban 

Horrific Consequence of Adopting Impermissible Fashions

Let’s All Promise 

Bedridden Mother’s Recovery 


The Helplessness of the Deceased

Excellence of Durūd Sharīf

The Deceased and the Ghassāl

What does the Deceased Say? 

The Whole Life’s Struggle

Heart Trembling Story of the Grave

Royal Death

Kingship didn’t Benefit 

Purpose of Coming into this World 

Ministries will be of No Use 

Four Baseless Claims 

First Claim: “We are Servants of Allāĥ ” 

Second Claim: “Allāĥ  Provides Sustenance” 

Third Claim: “The Hereafter is better than the World”

Fourth Claim: “We will die a Day” 

Announcement of the Deceased

Conversation with the Deceased 

Punishment of Leaving a TV Behind

Congratulation from Prophet  upon Removing the TV

Don’t Make Excuses

Terrifying Valley

Bald Serpent

Ṣalāĥ Not Accepted for 40 Days

Hatred of Sayyidunā ‘Alī (  for Alcohol

Obeying Cruel Parents

Punishment of Breaking Promises

Snakes in the Stomach

36 Times Worse than Fornication 

A Cause of Entering Hell

Seven Madanī Principles


The Test of Judgement Day

Excellence of Durūd Sharīf 

Fear of a Madanī Child

3 Madanī Conditions 

5 Questions on the Day of Judgement

Interest in Worldly Exams

Conspiracies against the Muslims 

Reward of One Hundred Thousand Rupees 

Father’s Funeral

Unfortunate Deceased

Muslims are being made to drift away from Religion

Nominal Muslims

The Plot of Satan

The Instruments of Sins 

Threat to Jump into Hell!

Ignorant Professor

Jiĥād against Nafs and Satan

Last Service to the Father

Punishment of Screaming and Shouting for the Deceased

Method of Carrying the Deceased

No Desire to have Light in the Grave

You Can’t Buy Cure

Wealthiest yet Ill 

The Oppression and Injustices of the non-Believers 

The Questions and Answers in the Grave 

The Causes of Incorrect Answers in the Grave


Our Life is Decreasing 

The Importance We Give to Worldly Tests

Generosity upon Navīd ‘Aṭṭārī

This Event is Not New 

The Blessing of Maktaba-tul-Madīnaĥ’s Booklets 


The Fear of the Bridge of Ṣirāṭ

Virtues of Durūd Sharīf 

Dream of a Slave-Girl 

Our Negligence!

Why this Laughter? 

Astonishment at Laughter 

Everyone will Pass the Bridge of Ṣirāṭ

The Evildoers will Fall into the Hellfire 

Crying of a Blessed Companion 

Would that my Mother had not Given Birth to Me! 

It Takes 15,000 Years to Cross the Bridge of Ṣirāṭ 

The Horrific Situation at the Time of 

Crossing the Bridge of Ṣirāṭ

Various Ways of Crossing the Bridge of Ṣirāṭ

One Reason for Distress in the Hereafter 

More Wealth, More Burdens 

The Definition of a ‘Heavy Burden’

Burden upon Burden 

Fill in Your Madanī In’āmāt Card Regularly 

The Muslims with Nūr 

The Glory of the Light of Imān

Five Nūr-Providing Sayings of the Holy Prophet 

1. Punishment for the One who Misses his Farḍ Ṣalāĥ

2. The Excellence of Going to the Masjid in Darkness 

3. The Excellence of Removing Difficulty 

4. The Excellence of Kalimaĥ

5. The Excellence of Żikr in the Market 

10 Hundred Thousand Virtues

People Deprived of Nūr 

There is No Nūr at All for You

The Beggars Deprived of Nūr

Talking during Ażān 

Mobile Phone Ring Tones

Release from Hell after One Thousand Years 

Did not Laugh for 40 Years 

The One Who Crosses with Difficulty 

What will Happen to Me!

A Frightening Vision of Crossing the Bridge of Ṣirāṭ

Screams of Those Falling into Hell

Who will Remain Safe from Fear? 

Womanly Fear 

Fear of the Fool

Who does Satan Laugh at?

Give up Sins Immediately Instead of Slowly 

Three Conditions of Repentance

When is the Repentance of the 

Person who Misses Ṣalāĥ accepted?

Self-Rectification should be

Done at Once Instead of Slowly 

More than 220,000 People Dead 

Destruction of a Tsūnāmī 

This Incident is Certainly Not New

The World is not a Place to be Content With

Repent as the Mercy of Allāĥ is Immense

Swing of a Heavenly Garden




Copyright © 2010 Maktaba-tul-Madinah

No part of this publication may be reproduced, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Maktaba-tul-Madinah.

Publication: First

Translated by: Translation Department (Dawat-e-Islami)

Publisher: Maktaba-tul-Madinah

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