25 Tales of the Graveyard (English Paperback)


A comprehensive guide about the adaab, (manners) etiquette and Islamic Ruling’s (Shari’i Law) upon visiting the cemetery, the tombs of the great saints (Awliya-Allah) with many parables, true stories, anecdotes, etc.

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Details: 25 Tales of the Graveyard,
*Small Booklet – 60 pages,
by Mawlana Ilyas Attar al-Qadiri.
Published by Dawat-e-Islami.

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Description :

A comprehensive guide about the adaab, (manners) etiquette and Islamic Ruling’s (Shari’i Law) upon visiting the cemetery, the tombs of the great saints (Awliya-Allah) with many parables, true stories, anecdotes, etc.

This book covers, fiqh, aqidah and tasawwuf.

Table of Contents

Du’a for Reading the Book,
—Transliteration Chart

—[1]. Torment lifted from 560 graves,
—[2]. The entire graveyard was forgiven by virtue of the supplication of a saint,
——Three sayings of Mustafa, Salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam,
—[3]. ‘Umar Faruq, radi Allahu anhu, conversing with the people of the graves,
——O the negligent one! Only good deeds will go with you,
——The method of presenting greetings in the graveyard,
——Placing flowers on the grave,
——What should one reflect on in the graveyard?
—[4]. Roses or serpents,
——Bury the deceased near pious people,
—[5]. The deceased of the graveyard came in a dream,
——The souls come to our homes and request Issal-e-Šawab,
—[6]. Instant blessings of Issal-e-Šawab,
——The interpretation of seeing a dead person ill in a dream,
—[7]. Came with flames, and if,
——Through the supplications of the living, the deceased are forgiven,
—[8]. His late father came in the dream and said that,…
—[9]. The deceased in the grave are like drowning people,
——If the graves of parents are in the midst of graveyard, then,
——Regarding sitting beside a grave and reciting the Holy Qur’an,
—[10]. Gleaming attire,
—[11]. Gleaming tray,
——4 Madani Pearls of Issal-e-Šawab,
——Illuminating the grave of the deceased,
——An act to make all the buried ones intercessors,
——The method of earning reward that amounts to the number of the dead,
—[12-13]. Hadrat Ghauš-e-A’zam’s visit to the blessed tomb of his Imam,

10 Madani Pearls regarding the Tombs of Awliya (Saints),
——The method of visiting holy tombs,
——Visiting the blessed tombs is a Sunnah,
——Benefits are attained from the tombs of Awliya,
——Do not kiss the grave,
——Method of presenting greetings at the tombs of martyrs,
——Putting a Chadar (Decorative Cloth) over the tomb,
——Building a dome over a tomb,
——Lighting lamps at tombs
——Tawaf (Circumambulation) of the tomb,
——Prostrating to a grave,
—[14]. The young man who recited the Holy Qur’an in the grave,
—[15]. A fragrant grave,
—[16]. A corpse with a deformed eye,
——Every blessed companion is definitively destined for Paradise,
—[17]. Imprisoned in a mysterious well,
——Even a martyr owing debts will not enter Heaven until,…
——Making an announcement before Salat-ul-Janazah (Funeral Prayer),
—[18]. The eyes opened in the grave,
——The Friends of Allah are alive even after death,
—[19]. When the hoof of a buffalo was wedged in the ground?
—[20]. Warning to one who sits on a grave!
—[21]. Heard a sound upon stepping on the grave,
—[22]. The buried one talked to the person who slept on the grave,
—[23]. Get up! You have troubled me!
——Stepping on graves is haram,
——It is h aram to walk on path made by demolishing the graves,
——It is haram to walk on the floor near tombs that’s been made from demolishing graves,
——Creating dirt and filth near to a grave,
——If one has to step on a grave in order to bury the deceased then…?
——Putting sweets down for the ants in the graveyard,
——Sprinkling water on the graves,
——What is the ruling for building a house in an old graveyard?
——If bones are seen in an old grave…..?
——The ruling on opening a grave on the basis of a dream,
——Children playing on the graves,
—[24]. A person who opened a grave turned blind,
—[25]. The person who opened a grave was buried alive,
——The ruling on temporary burial,
——Burial without permission in someone’s plot,
——What should be done if any money got buried with the deceased?
——14 Madani pearls of visiting graves,
——Method of presenting ‘salutations’ in the graveyard,
——An Invocation to gain supplications of forgiveness from trillions of deceased people,
——The preferred timings for visiting the graveyard,
——Lighting incense sticks (agarbatti) on the grave,
——Placing candle on the grave,
——Regarding the unknown grave; whether it belongs to a Muslim or a non-Muslim?
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