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This book ‘Islamic Manners’ is the first English translation of Makarim al-Akhlaq‘ the masterpiece authored by the muhaddith Imam Abu Qasim Sulayman ibn Ahmad al-Tabarani, may Allah show him mercy. In this book Imam Tabarani has accumalated a number of ahadith, highlighting different aspects of manners.

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The Holy Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said this about Islamic Manners:

Good Islamic manners mean that you should treat gracefully the one who
breaks off relations with you, that you show generosity to the one
who deprives you, & that you forgive the one who oppresses you

Sayyiduna ‘Abdullah Bin Mubarak, may Allah be pleased with him,  has said, ”Meeting people with a smiling face, treating them kindly and avoiding causing harm to anyone are the traits of a well-mannered person.”

Table of Contents :

—Du’a for Reading this Book,
—Transliteration Chart,
—Translator’s Notes,
—14 Intentions for Reading this Book,
——Two Madani pearls,
—About Al-Madina-tul-‘Ilmiyyah,

Imam at-Tabarani : Author’s Introduction,
—Name and kunyah,
—Student life,
—Honourable teachers,
—Brilliant students,
—Publication and compilation,

Islamic Manners : Husn e Akhlaq,
—Blessings of reciting the Holy Quran, remembrance of Allah,
Qufl-e-Madinah of tongue, love for the poor and keeping their company,
—Excellence of good manners,
—The excellence of politeness, meekness and courtesy,
—Excellence of meeting people amiably,
—The Excellence of smiling at a Muslim brother,
—The Excellence of being lenient and tolerant,
—The Excellence of patience and generosity,
—The Excellence of controlling oneself in anger,
—The Excellence of compassion and kind-heartedness,
—The Excellence of controlling one’s anger,
—The Excellence of forgiving others,
—The Excellence of being a well-wisher to the Muslims,
—Excellence of purity of heart and refraining from malice against Muslims,
—The Excellence of mediation,
—Excellence of fulfilling rights,
—The Excellence of helping the oppressed,
—Preventing an oppressor from oppression,
—Prevent your naïve,
—The Excellence of helping Muslims to cater for their needs,
—The Excellence of removing someone’s worry,
—The Excellence of supporting the weak,
—The Excellence of providing for the orphans,
—The Excellence of upbringing & spending on orphan children till they are grownup,
—The Excellence of good manners,
—Excellence of doing good deeds,
—Condemnation of oppressing a Muslim,
—Excellence of making permissible recommendation for a Muslim brother,
—The Excellence of helping a Muslim and protecting his honour,
—The Excellence of showing affection for people,
—The Excellence of helping Mujahidin,
—The Excellence of helping a Hajj pilgrim and serve him at Iftar,
—The Excellence of showing affection for children, respecting elders,and scholars,
—The Excellence of making space for scholars in a gathering,
—The Excellence of offering a pillow to a Muslim brother,
—The Excellence of giving food,
—The Excellence of clothing a Muslim brother,
—The Rights of the Neighbour.


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