Fundamental Teachings of Islam (Hifz) – Part 3 (English Hardback)


Fundamental Teachings of Islam – Part 3 is an Excellent Book on Fundamental Islamic Information for Beginners who want to incerease their knowledge about Islam.

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Details:  Fundamental Teachings of Islam : Part 3, [English Translation],
*[-A4] Large Hardback – 352 pages,
Presented by Madinah t’ul Ilmiyyah,
Published by Maktabah t’ul Madinah.

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Description :

Extract from Preface:  ” As children enrolled in Qaidah classes are at an early learning age, this book has been designed in view of their intellectual capacity, covering basic religious topics including; ta’awwuz, tasmiyah, thana (sana), short and easy du’as, basic beliefs, essential rulings, knowledge about the divine books, initial information about the Prophet’s, ‘alayhi as-Salaam, the Blessed Companions and the Awliya of Allah! ”

Contains English text with arabic meaning with English translation accompanied by colourful images.

Fundamental Teachings of Islam – Part 3 Includes Question and Answer section at the end of each chapter.

Table of Contents :

Contents at a Glance

18 Reading Intentions

Remember the following pearls of wisdom

18 Intentions for reading this book



Chapter 1: Azkaar

Hamd Bari Ta’ala

Na’at-e-Mustafa 􏴖 Azkaar

The Salat-‘Alan-Nabi routinely recited on Thursday night


Du’a for having excellent memory

Du’a for getting rid of stammer

Du’a made after hearing crowing of rooster 

Make this Du’a when you see the signs of disbelievers or hear any sound of their signs

Du’a made when one gets angry, dog barks and donkey brays

Du’a made at the time of rain

Du’a made at the time of drinking Zam Zam water

Du’a at the time of entering market

Du’a for paying debt

Du’a recited at the time of seeing troubled person

Du’a recited at the time of seeing stars

Du’a for cure from indigestion

Du’a for cure from fever

Du’a for protection from every fatal disease

Du’a recited at the end of gathering 

Excellence of Surah Al-Baqarah

Chapter 2: Imaniyaat (faith)

Iman (faith) Disbelief

Essentials of Islam

Essentials of ‘Ahl-e-Sunnah school of thought’ Polytheism

Wajib-ul-Wujood Hypocrisy


Oneness of Allah

Some beliefs about oneness of Allah and their explanation

Polytheism in the Being of Allah

Polytheism in the Attributes of Allah

Polytheism in the Names of Allah

Polytheism in the Acts of Allah

Polytheism in the commandments of Allah

Nubuwwah and Risalat

Purpose of Risalat

The preaching of Rusul

The evidence of Risalat

Number of Ambiya and Rusul

Honour of Ambiya and Rusul

Superiority of Ambiya and Rusul

Blessed Ambiya and Rusul are alive

Knowledge of the Ambiya and Rusul

Excellence of Surah Al-Baqarah

Revealed books of Risalat 

Du’a to be recited at the completion of the recitation of entire Quran

Finality of Nubuwwah and Risalat


Intercession of Mustafa

Love for Mustafa

Reverence for Mustafa

Obedience to Mustafa

Bestowal of Mustafa

Hazir and Naazir Mustafa

Luminosity and humanness of Mustafa

Chapter 3: Beloveds of Mustafa

Family of Mustafa

Blessed wives of the Holy Rasool

Blessed sons

Blessed daughters

Beauty of Mustafa

Luminous face

Luminous eyes

Blessed ears

Blessed eyebrows

Blessed nose

Blessed forehead

Blessed mouth

Holy companions of Mustafa

Beloveds of Allah and Mustafa

Visiting shrines and beholding graves

Shar’i ruling about visiting graves

Mustahab method of visiting graves

Determining day or time for visiting graves

Third chapter at a glance

Chapter 4: Worship

Taharah (Purity)

Rulings on Taharah

Types of impurity

Ghaleezah impurity

Khafeefah impurity


Essentials of Ghusl

Method of Ghusl

Manners of Ghusl

Prohibited things for one who is without Wudu or Ghusl

Permissible things for one who is without Wudu and Ghusl


Fard acts in Tayammum

Sunnahs of Tayammum

Method of Tayammum

Excellence of ‘ُس ۡو َرة تَ ۡكو ۡير ’ [Surah Takweer]



Madani pearls

Make announcement after Iqamah


Preconditions of Imamat

Preconditions of Iqtida

Taraweeh Salah

Shar’i ruling for Taraweeh Salah

Time of Taraweeh Salah

Number of Rak’aat of Taraweeh Salah

Method of offering Taraweeh Salah

Shar’i ruling for offering Taraweeh Salah lead by a minor Imam

Recitation of Quran during Taraweeh

Recitation of Holy Quran during Taraweeh

Cases in which one may make mistakes or forget

What is meant by Tarweehah?

How is it to take wage for leading Taraweeh Salah?

Different rulings

Witr Salah

Shar’i ruling on Witr

Time of Witr Salah

Method of offering Witr Salah


Sajdah Sahw

Shar’i ruling on Sajdah Sahw

Some cases in which Sajdah Sahw becomes Wajib

Method of Sajdah Sahw

Sajdah Tilawat

Meaning of Sajdah Tilawat

Shar’i ruling on Sajdah Tilawat

Method of Sajdah Tilawat

Benefits of Ayahs of Sajdah

Excellence of Surah Al-Ikhlas

14 Ayahs of Sajdah


Meaning of ‘Jumu’ah’

Shar’i ruling on Jumu’ah

First Salat-ul-Jumu’ah

First Jumu’ah of Beloved Rasool

Salat-ul-Jumu’ah mentioned in Holy Quran

Mention of Friday in blessed Ahadees

Safe from grave torment

Every Du’a is answered

Which is the moment of acceptance?

Reward for good deed and torment for sin on Friday

Deeds of Friday

Ghusl for Salat-ul-Jumu’ah

Adorn oneself on Friday

Wearing turban

To recite Salat-‘Alan-Nabi abundantly


The enthusiasm for offering Jumu’ah Salah in the first century

Staying in Jaami’ Masjid

Visiting graves

Reward for visiting parents’ graves

Excellence of Surah Al-Kahf

Five specific deeds of Friday

Pre-conditions for Friday Salah

Pre-conditions for Salat-ul-Jumu’ah being Fard

Some useful information about sermon

Listening to sermon is Wajib 

Listener of sermon is not allowed to recite Salat-‘Alan-Nabi

Announcement prior to Sermon

Seven Madani pearls of sermon

Jumu’ah sermon

First sermon of Friday 

Second sermon of Friday

Eids of Muslims

Eid of Eids

Eids’ Salah

Difference between Eid and Friday Salah

Method of offering Eid Salah

Funeral Salah

Bathing and shrouding

Method of giving deceased bath

Shroud according to Sunnah and its details

Method to shroud a man

Method of shrouding a woman

Excellence of funeral rites and offering funeral Salah

Shar’i ruling of funeral Salah

Preconditions of funeral Salah

Fard acts and Sunnahs of the funeral Salah

Method of funeral Salah

Du’a for funeral of adults (men and women)

Du’a for a male minor

Du’a for a female minor

Reward of shouldering bier

Method of shouldering the bier

Different Madani pearls about funeral Salah

Make the following announcement before the funeral of an adult


Method of putting earth on grave

Acts after burial



Method of Isal-e-Sawab and Fatihah

Method of Du’a for Isal-e-Sawab


Meaning of Sawm

Shar’i ruling on Sawm

When did Sawm become obligatory and for whom?

Sawm is a sign of piety

Du’as recited for observing Sawm

Reality of Sawm

Sawm of eyes

Sawm of ears

Sawm of tongue

Sawm of hands

Sawm of feet

Excellence of observing Sawm

Warnings for those not observing Siyam

Some basics about Sahari


Some benefits mentioned in the Holy Quran

Some benefits mentioned in blessed Ahadees

Harms of not paying Zakah

Sadaqah Fitr

Shar’i ruling on Sadaqah Fitr

Wisdom behind paying Sadaqah Fitr


Meaning of Hajj

Shar’i ruling on Hajj

Blessed Hadees about Hajj

Types of Hajj

Months and days of Hajj

Acts performed on 8th Zul-Hijja-til-Haraam

Acts performed on 9th Zul-Hijja-til-Haraam

Acts performed on the 10th of Zul-Hijja-til-Haraam

Acts performed on the 11th and 12th of Zul-Hijja-til-Haraam

Qurbani (animal sacrifice)

Meaning of Qurbani (animal sacrifice)

Shar’i ruling on Qurbani (animal sacrifice)

Animal for Qurbani

Method of Qurbani

Du’a before slaughtering animal

Other Madani pearls about Qurbani

Explanation of some necessary terms from part I and II of Bahar-e-Shari’at

Chapter 4 at a glance

Chapter 5: Sunan and Manners

Sunan and Manners

Islamic knowledge

14 Sayings of Beloved Rasool

Companions of Suffah

Recitation of Quran

Attacks of Satan

Lighted lamps

Pious predecessors and recitation of the Holy Quran

Parents’ good luck

Torment of grave ended

Parents of Haafiz will be made to wear crown on Judgement Day

Righteous offspring is source of permanent reward

Good intentions

What is Niyyat?

The more intentions the more reward

Make good intentions before every deed

5 Pieces of information in excellence of good intention

40 Intentions of eating

More intentions whilst eating together

15 Intentions of drinking water

Six intentions of taking tea

Intentions of applying fragrance

Madani pearls about applying fragrance

To apply nice fragrance is Sunnah

It is Sunnah to apply fragrance on head

To accept the gift of fragrance

Masculine and feminine fragrance

It is Sunnah to inhale smoke of fragrance

Madani pearls about Miswak

Shar’i ruling on Miswak

Thickness and length of Miswak

Method of using and holding Miswak

Cautions when using Miswak

Madani pearls about ‘Imamah [Sunnah turban]

Shar’i ruling on ‘Imamah

7 Sayings of Mustafa 􏴖 about blessed ‘Imamah

Manners of ‘Imamah

Madani pearls of hospitality

Sunan and manners of walking

Excellence of Surah An-Najm

Madani pearls regarding travelling

Madani pearls about conversation

Madani pearls about Sunnah-following hair style

Madani pearls of visiting patients

5 Sayings of Mustafa about visiting patient

Chapter 5 at a glance

Chapter 6: Good Manners

Good Manners

Respect of a Muslim

One hurting the feelings of parents is deprived of Paradise

Respect of the elder brother

Respect of relatives

Respect of neighbours

Respect of friends and fellow-travellers

Helping others

Hurting feelings

Riya [ostentation]

Sadness of ostentatious people􏲅􏰞

Sayings of Allah Azwajaal 􏱚􏲊about ostentation and ostentatious person

Friends of Satan

Abode of ostentatious people

5 Blessed sayings of Noble Rasool 􏴖about ostentation and ostentatious people

Ostentation in Salah


Blessed sayings of Allah 􏱚􏲊Azwajaal about sincerity

Example of sincere true believer

5 Blessed sayings of Noble Rasool 􏴖 about sincerity 



Definition of backbiting and Shar’i ruling on it

Eating flesh of dead brother

Destructions of backbiting

Flesh came out of mouth


5 Sayings of Mustafa about telling tales


Definition of jealousy

Shar’i ruling on jealousy􏲅􏰞

Sayings of Allah 􏱚􏲊 􏰭􏰔􏲋􏲅 about jealousy

Sayings of Mustafa about jealousy

Jealousy causes bad end

Excellence of Surah Al-Kahf

Malice and hatred

Chapter 6 at a glance

Excellence of Ayat-ul-Kursi

Chapter 7: Dawat-e-Islami

Call to righteousness

Madani blessings of Dawat-e-Islami

  1. Blessing of Du’a-e-Madinah
  2. Madani mindset
  3. Qufl-e-Madinah of eyes
  4. Entire household adopted Sunnah
  5. Be cautious before getting admission to Madrasah
  6. Young preacher
  7. Coming to right path from evil one
  8. Call from the Madani child
  9. Door of mercy opened. 

Excellence of Surah Ad-Dukhan

Method of Delivering Dars from Faizan-e-Sunnat

40 Madani In’amaat in order of topics

Madani In’amaat about acts of worship

Madani In’amaat about gaining and teaching knowledge

Madani In’amaat about good manners

Do not consider anyone inferior 

Avoid habit of talking rudely

Avoid habit of laughter

Forgive others

Avoid asking others for things

Avoid backbiting, telling tales and jealousy

Truth and lying

Avoid hurting feelings of others

Promote Salam everywhere

Madani In’amaat about clothing

Madani In’amaat about Qufl-e-Madinah of eyes

Madani In’amaat about Qufl-e-Madinah of tongue

Madani In’amaat about eating food

Madani In’aam about manners of sleeping and waking up

Madani In’amaat about obeying elders

Madani In’amaat about Madrasah and teachers

Madani In’amaat about Dawat-e-Islami

Different Madani In’amaat about improving character

Terminology of Dawat-e-Islami

Chapter 8: Conclusion

Awraad and Wazaaif

Glory of Islamic scholars 





Excellence of making Du’a

Manners of Du’a

Three benefits of Du’a

Blessings of Ayat-ul-Kursi


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