Blessings of Bismillah (English Hardback)


Before eating any thing, drinking water and any beverage, serving food and water to others, putting things down, picking things up, washing, cooking, reciting, studying, teaching, walking, driving etc.

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Details:  Blessings of Bismillah, – Faizan-e-Bismillah,
*[A5] Hardback – 160 pages,
by Shaykh-e-Tariqat, Allamah Ilyas Attar Qadiri, Razivi,
Translated into English by the Majalis-e-Tarajim,
Dawate Islami, Pakistan.

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Description : A Chapter of Faizan-e-Sunnat,

Contains many Madani Pearls, words of wisdom, anecdotes and general advice on keeping on the Siratul Mustaqeem.

This is the first English translation of this particular section of Faizan-e-Sunnat. The book contains references with notes, and an index and bibliography.

Extract :

“Dear Islamic brothers!

Before eating any thing, drinking water and any beverage, serving food and water to others, putting things down, picking things up, washing, cooking, reciting, studying, teaching, walking, driving, getting up, sitting down, turning on the light or the fan, laying or removing the dining mat, folding or spreading the bed sheet, opening or closing the shop, locking or unlocking, applying oil or perfume, delivering a speech, reciting a Na’at, wearing shoes, adorning one’s head with turban, opening or closing the door, that is to say, before starting any permissible act (when there is no Shar’ī prohibition), it is of great virtue to make a habit of reciting Bismillah al-Rahman al-raheem, attaining its blessings.”

Table of Contents

– Du’a for Reading the Book
– Transliteration Chart
– Translator’s Notes

Blessings of بسم الله

– Endeavour remains unfinished
– Keep on reciting بسم الله
– Protection of things from jinns
– Recite بسم الله correctly
– Excitement prevailed
– Comprehensiveness of the letter ب in بسم الله
– Ism-e-A’zam
– Prayer made with Ism-e-A’zam is answered
– Cooked nose
– Saintly miracle of A’la Hadrat
– Mysterious old man and black jinn
– Virtous intention leads to destination
– Five Madani pearls
– Charity analogous to status
– Parable of mercy
– Swing in garden
– Murderer of 100 people was forgiven
– Enviable demise
– To say ‘do بسم الله‘ is prohibited
– Angels keep on recording virtues
– Virtue for every step
– Virtues when sailing on ship
– Individual effort inspired driver
– Gift of speech-cassetes
– Better than kingship of entire world
– Lethal poison turned harmless
– Lethal poison
– Fire or garden?
– Astonishing accident
– Waking Muslims for Salat-ul-Fajr is Sunnah
– Who can wake others with foot?
– Excellence of reciting Kalimah at time of death
– A strong & healthy Satan
– Names of 9 Satans and their tasks
– Solution to family discords
– Do recite بسم الله before eating
– Save food from Satan
– If one forgets بسم الله
– Satan threw up!
– Nothing is hidden from Blessed Eyes of Mustafa ﷺ
– Siddiq Akbar رضي الله عنه performed Madani operation
– [1] Prophet ﷺ restored eyesight
– [2] Prophet ﷺ cured tumorous lumps
– [3] Prophet ﷺ cured asthma
– [4] Prophet ﷺ cured leprosy
– [5] Prophet ﷺ cured hand blisters
– Satanic deception
– Cure for satanic deception
– 76,600 Virtues
– Wisdom in not reciting الرحمن الرحيم at time of slaughter
– Wisdom in 19 letters of بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
– Relief from torment of grave
– Madani upbringing of child
– Marvel of Dawat-e-Islami Tarbiyyati course
– Preventing others from Madani Qafilah causes harm
– House of beasts
– Cure for fever
– 5 Madani cures for fever
– Eyesight restored
– Cure for headache
– 6 Cures for ache in half-head
– Seven cures for headache
– Treatment of nosebleed
– Parable about medicine
– Trust Allah عَزَّ وَ جَلَّ, not medicine
– Contentment of soul
– Virtue of reciting بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم excellently
– Sweetness of devine name leads to absolution
– Proof on Judgment Day
– Protection from torment
– How to write on shroud
– Bestowment of forgiveness
– Signs of sincere deed
– Easy invocation for removal of adversities
– Removal of difficulties
– New life
– Satanic deception
– Cure for satanic deception
– A devotee of بسم الله
– Excellence of writing بسم الله
– Writing on ground
– Respect alphabets of every language
– Heart-rending recollection of Madinah
– Argument of sharp-witted
– Reply by a devotee
– Satanic deception
– Cure for satanic deception
– Drinker forgiven
– Reward for forgiveness
– Blessings of good intention
– Devine Hidden Plan
– A hair-raising parable
– A pilgrim of Madinah
– A drinker became a Wali
– Virtues of showing respect
– Even animals pay respect to Wali
– Forgiveness for the respectful
– Excellence of picking up a sacred paper
– Mufti A’zam Hind respects papers and alphabet
– Mufti A’zam Hind رضي الله عنه comforts the troubled
– Blessing of sacred paper
– Parable of four Du’as
– Broken clay pot
– Respect of blank paper
– Do not kick papers whilst walking
– Shavings of wooden pen
– Respect for even dot of ink
– Do not paste posters on walls
– Do not sell newspapers as waste
– Insanity of father
– Bounty of Prophet ﷺ for Madani Qafilah travellers
– Meal for Prophet ﷺ
– Respect alphabet of every language
– Sacred links of numbers
– Method of putting sacred papers into sea
– Method of burying sacred papers
– 29 Madani pearls of بسم الله
– 7 Parables
– [1] Wood cutter became wealthy
– Vision of Prophet ﷺ during cassette Ijtima
– Satanic deception
– Cure for satanic deception
– Torment for relating fabricated dream
– Satanic deception
– Cure for satanic deception
– Dream of A’la Hadrat رضي الله عنه
– Prophet ﷺ interprets dream
– Glad tidings will continue
– Reward for having favourable dream
– [2] Interesting incidents of two non-Muslims
– A non-Muslim embraces Islam
– [3] Pious elderly wrestler
– [4] Recovery of pouch from well
– [5] Place of Pharaoh
– Protection of home
– [6] Human or jinn
– [7] Poisonous food
– Satanic deception
– Cure for satanic deception
– Graciousness of Prophet ﷺ to Mahmud Ghaznawi
– Ten thousand times reward giving Salat-Alan-Nabi ﷺ

– Glossary
– Bibliography
– Index

Translator’s Notes

Dear Islamic brothers! Dawat-e-Islami’s Majlis-e-Tarājim, a department responsible for reproducing the books and booklets of Amir-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat, the founder of Dawat-e-Islami, Shaykh Allämah Maulanã Abu Bilal Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadiri Razavi into various languages of the world, is pleased to present the book ‘Faizān-e-Bismillāh in English under the title of Blessings of بسم الله

Although any translation is inevitably a form of interpretation, we have tried our level rest to convey the thought of the author in its true sense. To facilitate pronunciation of Arabic letters, a transliteratic chart has been added.

Terms of Islamic Jurisprudence have not been translated as a caution because in most cases, an English word cannot be a fully juristic substitute. However, a glossary has been given at the end of the book, elaborating the Islamic terms. Further, the index and the bibliography have also been added.

This translation has been accomplished by the grace of Allah عَزَّ وَ جَلَّ, by the favour of His Beloved Prophet ﷺ and by the spiritual support of our great Shaykh, the founder of Dawat-e-Islami, Allāmah Maulänā Abu Bilal Muhammad lyas Attar Qadiri Razavi.

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